Well guess what? It's the special season of the year, David Fincher is in the middle -- or probably -- approaching the final days of his shooting THE SOCIAL NETWORK and every last minute he has left, he probably spends on Christmas shopping. So there's nothing much to report, let alone any news. But to keep you hooked up with your latest fix of Fincher greatness, here's a wonderful little interview Christophe dug up. Thanks!

It's not that there would be anything new in this that we have not heard from, about or surrounding the man. But what I found very hilarious is that Fincher fools around and acts like he feels very uncomfortable being in front of a camera for a change.

So, hoping for news on the NETWORK and or all other Fincher related works soon, enjoy this little video in the meantime:


  1. Very cool find. Although the girl needs to work on her framing. But I really don't blame her, I would probably drop that minoHD on the floor from all the exitement ;)

  2. cool. thanks christophe.