Falling In Love With Fight Club

It happens every time I see this flick: I fall in love! For the incomprehensible greatness of its visual direction, for the ingenius themes and its incomparable cult-quoteability! Here's a few FIGHT CLUB stories for you to explore...

Mikez (thanks) has found a great article on Jim Emerson's blog, which I want to put before you guys. And while I was at it, I went through all the FIGHT CLUB links I had collected but had just not found the time yet to share with you.

Remember: You are not the blogs you read.

Fight Club At Ten: A Love Story
Find True Love In Fight Club
How To Punch Like Brad Pitt In Fight Club


  1. Does anyone have an opinion about how much the story of Snow White may have influenced Fight Club, perhaps especially the post-modern versions such as the one by Donald Barthelme from '67?

  2. like the one where snow white turns out to be her stepmother and the evil witch at the same time?! and the dwarfs form project mayhem? WTF!

  3. This is what happens when someone studies film at University.

  4. Hi Lara, thanks for your comment. That's an interesting question. In the interviews with author Chuck Palahniuk I have read I have never heard a mention of "Snow White" as an inspiration for the novel. However Palahniuk says he writes Grimm's fairy tales for adults, so in a way it may be true.

    Oddly enough I can see some parallels between the stories. But I still wonder how you got the idea these two narratives might be related. What did you have in mind, in particular?

  5. Hey Lara, I'd be interested in reading your paper on the influences on Fight Club, maybe you could publish a copy on this blog?