Despite The Rules

Despite the rules we're talking Fight Club ten years later. By an uproar of creativity I didn't even bother to change the headline of what I am bringing before you. Don't consider this a Christmas gift. Please. It's just a little something...

The article was posted at, honoring the tenth anniversary of Fight Club's theatrical run... and praising the fact that Fight Club more than held up as a landmark, classic, visual punch in the face.

Since it's Christmas I will spare you a long monologue about the greatness that is Fight Club. We agree it's more than a movie. More than the film adaptation of an innovative, pulsating, ridiculously original, adrenaline surge of a novel. I suggest, just pop it in and watch it yet again before its tenth anniversary year is over.

I wish you all a handful of merry days in between the years and a peaceful celebration of the winter/summer solstice -- wherever you are and however you choose to celebrate it! Happy New Year!

I thank you all for following the works and genius of David Fincher via this blog and I hope to see all of you back again next year! Thanks to all the busy contributors, you're making this site great!

All the best. Don't forget this read:

...and to add a little warmth to this cold, cold season:


  1. Nice article. I consider 1999 as the best year for movies ever (in my life). I don't know, there was something in the air back then. I would like to mention some other movies released back then, that to this day, I consider some of my favorites. American Beauty, The Sixth Sense, The Matrix, Being John Malkovich, The Insider, Eye of the Beholder, Magnolia, Sleepy Hollow, Eyes Wide Shut, Three Kings, Go, eXistenZ... and Fight Club was of course the crown jewel of the year for me... eh good times ;)

    I also wish you fincherfanatic and all of you space monkeys out there a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  2. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year! Thanks for keeping this blog updated and worth every daily visit!