Last Post Of The Decade

Unless this afternoon will see the release of some unimaginably riveting Fincher news item, this will be this blog's last post of this first decade of the millenium. That should mean as much as: A Happy New Year to all of you! And here's a last little story from 2009.

Every year Franklin Leonard of the William Morris agency releases his Black List of the best unproduced screenplays, of which a remarkable handful have been made soon after making the list. The most remarkable aspect of this year's list? It features "The Social Network" by Aaron Sorkin -- quite odd for a film that supposedly shot in October.

The good news may be that the screenplay is considered to be very good and should be made into a film, possibly quelling the booing of some of this project's hysteric early haters. The bad news? Either the project wasn't indeed quite as fast-tracked as media had reported or is indeed on hold. Or Mr. Leonard confused an already on the way 2010 release with possible candidates for the best films never made.

What a mystery!

Read the full story here:

...and as far as Bonus features for this post go: David Fincher's The Social Network is rumored to have an October 15 release date and made The 15 Most Anticipated Films of 2010 list in this article:

...and wisely concluding this decade with fierce and absolute cinematic judgement, Lisa Schwarzbaum names Zodiac as "the decade's most unnerving crime story". Fincher is god.


  1. Happy New Year everyone!! Zodiac is one of my favorite films of the decade as well.

  2. Happy New Year!

    And let's hope Fincher Fanatic gets an exclusive interview with Fincher himself before the next decade is over! :D