RED One Mysterium-X

If you think "Red One Mysterium-X" sounds like the street name of a pick-up artist more than anything else... well, I can follow that thought. However, it actually is the name of the prototype camera system and sensor David Fincher and cinematographer Jeff Cronenweth are using to shoot THE SOCIAL NETWORK on.

It's funny to see how a few years back the talk was about camera models and film stock, and now DOPs are actually talking hardware and sensors. How odd!

But thanks to Davey, Kurt and Eric here are two most excellent links, featuring Cronenweth and Fincher each talking about their experience using the new RED. And from what they have to say it sure sounds like Fincher is at the cutting edge of technology once again, using what he says everyone will be using only years from now.

One part of these links is from a Q&A Fincher committed to just recently, where he talks about the RED, but actually about new technology and means of communication in filmmaking in more general terms.

These are two very great finds! Thanks to the contributors!
Here are the links:


  1. amazing find. thanks for the contribution guys.

  2. fight club 10th anniversary dvd is out now...

  3. Debrah Unger of THE GAME fame is starring in a new film:

    Remember her? She's the waitress that pulled Van Orton into misery.
    Haven't seen anything with her in a while.