True Rumors

+++ UPDATE 09/23/2009 +++
Variety just confirmed the casting rumors that have been going around. So that makes the whole production a little more official than it has been. "Production will begin next month in Boston and then move to Los Angeles", writes Michael Fleming. Sounds good to me. I've added the link at the bottom...

Jesse Eisenberg made sure he didn't slip up in a recent MTV interview, when asked if he was cast in David Fincher's supposed next film, THE SOCIAL NETWORK: "There are rumors. That is true."

Pretty slick, huh?

So far all the sources reporting on the greenlight and casting of main characters for this production have "internet gossip" written all over them. As much as we would like a next Fincher movie moving forward quickly, it remains impossible to determine whether or not there is any truth to this, or rather: what parts of it are true!

Kevin Spacey said there will be a movie but didn't officially announce Fincher as director of the project. There have been reports about the budget, about start of production this fall with a 2010 release date and even of Justin Timberlake playing Sean Parker. Eisenberg's "There are rumors. That is true" doesn't help much here.

I am guessing everyone involved is not at liberty to discuss their roles in this production at the moment, which is why we are only getting half-baked "it could be true" information. And from most reactions I have read concerning this film, I think most people won't believe this is happening until they see the opening title credits on the silver screen.

Fincher has been circling and developing many projects, which never made it into production, or at least not in their original line-up... M-I:3, The Black Dahlia, Fertig, Rendezvous With Rama, Seared, Chef, The Killer, etc. So that doesn't make it easier, either. Due to the massive hype that has been buzzing for this particular SOCIAL NETWORK movie, I have a gut feeling, however, this may actually happen. But let's wait for more juicy news, like set photos, interviews, teaser and all that fun stuff!

Head this way for Jesse's MTV remark:

Variety casting news:


  1. I hope it will only go as far as the Lords of Dogtown gig. I dig when a director diversifies and shit, but please not the Facebook movie!

  2. There's a Google movie called "Google Me", and I think it's enough. Movies about internet services or their circumstances just don't make for good entertainment. I hope it's only a bad rumor.

  3. ...albeit a very persistent one.

  4. Fincher fans are weirdSeptember 20, 2009 at 10:39 PM

    For the jackass above who can't seem to figure this out, the movie could be about anything. Facebook is not really an important component of the story. It's not the reason the story is good. It's good because it's a story about how two college students become mutil-millionaires almost overnight.

    People just have to let go of this fixation with Facebook. It's not like the Facebook people are making this film as an advertisement for their service. It's a story about the people who founded Facebook. It could be about any other company. Fincher is making it because he considers it an interesting story. How hard is that to figure out?

    After all, would it make you feel better if the film were about the founding of the Ford Motor Company? Maybe Diamler-Benz? Standard Oil? Really, get the fuck over it. Why is it that almost every person who has read the script becomes immediately convinced that Fincher should do this? Because it's good.

    BTW, far more people are excited about this project than upset about it. I guarantee you that.

  5. I agree FFAW, I too don't understand the consternation in the Fincher community over this possibly being his next project. On paper it sounds like a purely character and dialogue driven film, which Zodiac was for the most part and I absolutely consider that to be the crown jewel of his filmography, so I'm all for him tackling further projects of this ilk. People seem to have a misconception that the film will consist of people at keyboards updating their profiles and sending messages. From what I understand it's going to be an archetypal tale of friendship, greed and betrayal. I heard an interview with the book's author and the details he divulged about how these two nerds became hard partying rock stars overnight sounded like they would lend themselves to juicy cinematic entertainment.

  6. Fincher fans are weirdSeptember 21, 2009 at 2:01 PM

    Thanks anon 11:20.

    Wasn't There Will Be Blood a film about the beginning of the oil industry? It wasn't the oil itself that made it interesting, it was the characters and the storytelling by PTA that made it a classic. PTA could have made the film about the founding of any industry, it just happened to be about oil. Was the fact that it was about oil what made it so compelling? Really?

    How is it any different?

    I think the problem is that the announcement for the film came at around the same time as other ridiculous product-type films were announced (as a result of the success of Transformers and GI Joe) and I think people just assumed that this film was similar to that.

    However, now it's quite evident that this isn't the case, yet some kids can't stop crying about it. I think there is a certain kind of person who just needs to shit all over stuff and just can not be reassured no matter what. The problem here is in the head of the people making the negative posts, not Fincher's taste in film projects. Since i've read people literally write things as stupid as, "I don't care how good the script is, or how good Fincher's direction will be, or how good the acting will be, I will never like this movie."

    If a person making a statement like this isn't considered a stupid idiot, I don't know who would be.

  7. I don't care how good the script is, or how good Fincher's direction will be, or how good the acting will be, I will never like this movie.

  8. I think the worst Fincher can do is "watchable".

  9. Hell, the oil industry is far more interesting than all this "New Media", "Social Networking" and Internet bullshit... I've had it up to here with people going on about twittering, facebooking, blogging and all that stupid crap, where people tell you about taking a crap, or what they've had for breakfast, or who they're "friends" with (a widened definition on facebook)... I just don't fucking care, people should keep their lame-ass lifes to themselves! It sounds like I'm really nostalgic and stuff, but I'm just 22, and I wish we were back in the days when there were just newspapers, books and phones. Hence my animosity towards a movie about Facebook, or their creators. Hollywood produces such crap nowadays, it's really a turnoff, I rarely go to the movies anymore. No wonder if they just follow "trends" and listen to focus groups and what have you, to cash in as much as possible. Genuine stories are really rare now, apart from crappy indy movies where the archetype story basically consists of a retarded son who humps his mother who maybe wins the lottery.

  10. And I want to punch Mark Zuckerberg in the face. Hard. Repeatedly.

  11. A movie about Facebook is like Doubt as a video game for Sega, just in reverse.

  12. This could be Fincher's look at today's generation. As one can say that Zodiac was something of an anti-Seven this might be something like anti-Fight Club. Who knows? But you have to admit there is potential in it. I say: BRING IT ON...

  13. Little Girls shouldn't watch filmsSeptember 23, 2009 at 12:20 PM


    Please for the love of Christ give it up. I don't understand why you feel this need to write the same stupid shit over and over again.

    Okay little girl, you're indignation has been duly noted. Now fuck off and go play with your Barbie dolls.

    No amount of explaining on your part will make up for the fact that you are behaving like a teenaged douchbag who didn't get what she wanted and now won't stop crying about it. "Oh boo hoo, the studio's are not making Torso, oh boo hoo. I won't ever like any other movie other than Torso. Never. Never. Never."

    (Believe it or not moron, Fincher doesn't have the power to greenlight projects).

    Jesus Christ, you sound like a fucking teenage girl all upset about N'Sync breaking up, I swear to God.

    Speaking of N'Sync, Variety reported today that Jessie Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, and yes, Justin Timberlake have been officially cast in "The Social Network."

    Sucks to be you sucker...LOL.

  14. Jack's childish fanboysSeptember 23, 2009 at 12:23 PM


    The movie ISN'T ABOUT who people are friends with. All one has to do is spend ten minutes reading a few posts about the movie to realize that it's a story about two friends who become overnight sensations and how one of the friends is then pushed aside.

    The fact that you are unaware of this very simple premise goes to show the utter stupidity of your position.

  15. Yay! The NSYNC* guy is acting in a Fincher movie! Who can't applaud that? *cough* *cough*

  16. Just look at Justin Timberlake's great acting:

  17. DF has a tradition of casting musicians in his films.