Trail Of Destruction

Just when you start wondering what Fincher may be up to, he gives you the most perfect answer himself: By shooting another stunning commercial!

Here it is in all its glory: Nike "Trail Of Destruction (Alter Ego)". And let me tell you, it is one hell of an ad. It is somewhat reminiscent of "Gamebreakers", which is one of my all time favorite Fincher ads. Great photography, impressive sound-design, a cool pay-off at the end...


Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland
Client: Nike
Creative Director: Jeff Williams
Creative Director: Alberto Ponte
Art Director: James Moslander
Producer: Jeff Selis
Executive Creative Director: Mark Fitzloff
Executive Creative Director: Susan Hoffman
Agency Executive Producer: Ben Grylewicz
Production Company: Anonymous Content

Director: David Fincher

Executive Producer: Jeff Baron
Line Producer: Emma Wilcockson
Director of Photography: Emmanuel Lubezki
Editorial Company: Rock Paper Scissors
Editor: Angus Wall
Post Producer: Kim Colen
Post Executive Producer: Carol Lynn Weaver
VFX Company: Hydraulx
VFX Supervisor: Ed Chapman
Music Company: Soundtree
Sound Designer: Ren Klyce
Sound Design Company: Mit Out Sound
Sound Design Producer: Misa Kageyama
Mix Company: Lime
Mixer: Sam Casas

Wow! It's good to see Fincher running his fingers like that.
Thanks to Manny and Eric for sharing. Have fun: (very high quality)


  1. i had no idea this was a david fincher commercial when i started watching it, and half way through i was saying to myself "this director's style reminds me of david fincher", and then by the end i was saying to myself "wow, that must have been directed by david fincher".. and sure enough... when i looked... it was :)


  2. Hehe "I never answer emails"

    You keep trying!

  3. it's damn cool! and i hope that fincher uses emmanuel lubezki as his dp in his next film. their second collaboration, their second stunning work, and they probably get along... one can hope.

  4. The photography also reminds me of the music video Oh Father for Madonna. Kinda Citizen Kanish. ;)

  5. I don't think I get it?!!

  6. I don't get the commercial either. Someone care to explain?

  7. I'll try...

    Stay Warm

    Stay Cool

    Stay Protected

    Nike Pro Combat apparel offers all of the benefits of Nike Pro clothing, plus lightweight, durable impact protection where you need it most-without added bulk. Low-profile, structured foam cells in strategic impact zones help absorb, disperse and deflect impact and protect against abrasion.

    Now watch the commercial again... ;)

  8. I hope you work in advertising..

  9. Well copied mikez. Still doesn't give any clue about the commercial.