Fight Club On Blu Ray

Breaking news coming in from Wolfgang: reports a release date and a handful of special features for the upcoming 10th Anniversary (?) BluRay release of FIGHT CLUB!

According to release news, the disc will hit stores on November 17th. Extras will include commentary with director David Fincher, commentary with Fincher, Brad Pitt, Edward Norton and Helena Bonham Carter, commentary with Chuck Palahniuk and Jim Uhls, and commentary by Alex McDowell, Jeff Cronenweth, Michael Kaplan and Kevin Haug, 7 deleted and alternate scenes, multiple featurettes (A Hit in the Ear: Ren Klyce and the Sound Design of Fight Club, Welcome to Fight Club, Angel Faces Beating, The Crash, Tyler's Goodbye, Work: Production, Visual Effects, On Location and more), an Insomniac Mode viewing option, Guys Choice Award, an Edward Norton interview, a music video, 12 TV spots, trailers (including the 8 Rules of Fight Club), promotional and art galleries, Internet spots and more.

I am hoping the Fincher and main cast commentary will be a new recording -- since I am guessing 99% of the buyers of this disc already have the Special Edition DVD. I am looking forward to the new writers' and artists' commentaries and will be really curious to watch all the extra material they are coughing up for this!

Who's buying? Count me in.

Thanks Wolfgang for the link!


  1. I'm sold but is this the 10th anniversary edition of Fight Club or just the Blu-Ray release of Fight Club? I hope the extra stuff is all new but it reads as though most of the materials are just going to be transfered over from the old DVD.

  2. Kevin, you are right, this may just be the BluRay release and not yet the 10th Anniversary Edition of the film; even though it would be kind of awkward to release a BluRay of the film in November and then (two months or so later) a new 10th Anniversay Edition of the DVD -- but then you never know what the studios and marketing people are up to.

    As for the content: To my recollection there were no writers commentaries and no commentaries by McDowell, Cronenweth, Kaplan and Haug. Also the Guys Choice Award must be material from earlier this year... which points to it that at least they did some updating.

    We'll have to find out...

  3. The year 2009 will only be until December 31. D'uh! So they better release it until then and not in January 2010.

  4. With the exeption of the Guys Choice Award thing (which may be the short clip on Youtube posted by Fincherfanatic earlier this year) all extras are old and known. The four commentary tracks were on the US Special Edition and on the German Steelbook Edition (that was the second German 2DVD Special Edition).
    I´m really hoping this isn´t the 10th anniversary edition, I was looking forward to some long documentaries (Ben Button Style), since all of the old extras are just short multi angle behind the scenes clips.

  5. This is it! The full clip of the FIGHT CLUB homage at the Guys Choice Award:

    Yeah, so if that Spike TV Guys Choice clip is the only addition to the BluRay, well, you can still buy it for what it is... the HD version of this awesome film. It would indeed be very curious though, not to make the BluRay disc a 10th Anniversary Edition, considering it's coming out in the 10th anniversary year...

    Uhm, unless they are trying another shameless double dipping... with the "regular" BluRay coming in November, and the 10th Anniversary Edition BluRay coming out on Christmas Day.

    That would be very entertaining!

  6. Can I have the Blu-ray disc WITHOUT the Guy's choice award clip, please? It takes away from the awesomness of the film. I don't want to see Metallica and other celebrities drinking the kool-aid on my Blu-ray disc.