Movies We Love: The Game

The Filmschool Rejects have this nice little column titled "Movies We Love", and at their very best the movies they love are the movies we love as well. Here are their thoughts on David Fincher's masterful thriller: THE GAME.

I doubt anyone can be a Fincher fanatic and not have seen this film. But just in case: That review / appraisal of the film contains a huge load of spoilers. So make sure to watch the movie first...

"This is one of the only Hollywood happy endings that makes me feel like shit.
And I love it because of that."

Sums it up, doesn't it?
How did you like THE GAME? What's your favorite scene?


  1. I loved The Game, but the ending didn't make me feel like shit, it made me happy. These Film School Rejects must have emotional problems.

  2. Why does it make them happy that they feel like shit? Sounds like masochistic tendencies.

  3. Maybe they still feel like shit because they got rejected from film school. *shrugs*

  4. Don't know, I like the Game the least of Fincher's movies. No matter what happened I could never get myself to care for Nicholas Van Orten. The film is a gimmick, nothing more -- albeit neatly directed, well lit and properly cast. It's okay at first viewing, but it leaves absolutely nothing for repeated viewings. The writers are total hacks and the Game is no exception.

  5. Whatever happened to the commercial campaign for Nivea Fincher wanted to do?