Tarantino's Top 20

I am no particular fan of Quentin Tarantino's works. I could never get myself thrilled about PULP FICTION nor do I care for INGLORIOUS BASTERDS... even though Tyler Durden Brad Pitt has a little appearance in that film...

Nonetheless I appreciate this link Christophe dropped in my inbox: Tarantino talking about his top 20 movies that came out since he became a director back in 1992. Quite honestly I was surprised to see so many good and generally "accepted as good" movies on the list. Which is another way of saying: there weren't half as many completely obscure titles on there than I would have thought.

I actually thought it was very clever of Tarantino not to bother trying to get his favorite films in order. He just says he has one favorite film and the rest are all sort of on the same level... so he just gave out the rest of them alphabetically... Very interesting titles!

I am NOT going to go say make your own top 20 list in the comments, because we all know it's not going to end well.

Just enjoy this little vid and find out for yourself, why it was posted here!
Have fun:


  1. I'm not a fan of Tarantino either. I don't get why Pulp Fiction is supposed to be such a good movie. And where does Tyler Durden in Inglorious Basterds show up? Do you mean the sort of personality treats that Aldo Raine has? Anyway. For the sake of completeness, here are my top 20:

    1. Fight Club
    2. Se7en
    3. Zodiac
    4. Benjamin Button
    5. The Game
    6. Alien 3
    7. American Beauty
    8. There Will Be Blood
    9. Jarhead
    10. Traffic
    11. Solaris
    12. Magnolia
    13. Full Frontal (you know why)
    14. Casino Royale
    15. 25th Hour
    15. American History X
    16. 21 Grams
    17. Blade Runner
    18. Citizen Kane (of course)
    19. East of Eden
    20. A bout de souffle (thought I'd squeeze in an artsy Nouvella Vague film as well)

  2. Nouvelle Vague of course, don't burn me alive! Let the flame wars begin.

  3. I don't like Neill Blomkamp, or his style, or his pretentious movie District 9 for that matter. How about Top 20 least favorite movies? District 9 would be Nr. 1 for me. And then Dr. Uwe Bolls entire collection of bullshit.