Fincher Goes Chinatown

It's not what you think: Fincher is NOT planning a remake of the noir classic with Brad Pitt as Jake Gittes -- come to think about it, why not, actually? But Fincher will indeed have himself a little Chinatown timeout: as a special guest on the Audio Commentary track of the CHINATOWN centennial release.

Since we know Fincher is a dear fan of this milestone movie, it will be enthralling to hear his thoughts from a personal as well as a world class director's standpoint. One sure-fire buy for me this fall.

The DVD hits shelves on October 6 2009.
Big thanks to Angus for the story:


  1. Damn it - just bought a copy of the old edition. Guess I'm gonna have to double dip.

  2. First I was like, hey, wait a minute, why doesn't Polanski sit in for a director's commentary. He's still alive and well. But then I remember he might have a few personal issue, which "prevent" him from going anywhere near the US...

    The Fincher commentary will be much more interesting to me anyway...

  3. I'm sure Polanski could Skype a commentary if he wanted to. So long as he has a copy of Chinatown he could record one.

  4. The beginnings of ILM:


  5. Another light 1-disc "special edition" of Chinatown? The film definitely deserves more. Propably have to buy it though... damned.