Kevin Spacey Talks "Network"

While "The Social Network" is apparently on the fast track, there is still not one official confirmation as to who will be the director on the project. Rumors included David Fincher. But now Spacey says, the director hasn't even been announced yet...

Yeah, that's very mysterious. Or it would be, if this wasn't the usual Hollywood rumor explosion. I wonder who comes up with crap like, "Shia LaBeouf is rumored to play the lead role", when the producer says they haven't even had readings or anything of that sort yet. Uh, gotta love the internet.

Anyway, Spacey says the project is at a very early stage but yet it's being fast-tracked with shooting as early as this year. In all honesty, that doesn't sound too much like a Fincher movie: The first draft of the script is dated May 28, and factoring in some rewriting they would have to be lightning fast. But we'll see...

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  1. Told ya! Just internet rumors. And it doesn't sound like a Fincher project. Not by a mile.

  2. Santa Clause just sent a letter of apology after kicking me in the nuts. I believe in him again.

  3. @ Anonymous 2

    A little random. But very hilarious! :-)

  4. Maybe the idea of doing something fast and loose is what attracted DF to the project. Having heard some of the backstory from the book the Sorkin script is based on, I think it could be a special project about friendship torn apart by greed and power. CCBB didn't seem like typical DF material either and he tackled it with aplomb.

  5. I hate that douchefag Brett Ratner. He's everything that's wrong about Hollywood.