Project Mayhem

"So that's what they do for the 10th Anniversary of FIGHT CLUB". It was only the first thought that struck me after reading the following story. And how inappropriate of me. But this story is odd, to say the least: A young NY male founding his own Project Mayhem...

"NY Times is reporting that police were able to apprehend Kyle Shaw, a 17-year-old who detonated a homemade bomb outside of a Starbucks coffee shop on the Upper East Side."

Yepp, that's true. Kid was trying to be just like Tyler Durden. Let's hope he does the other part of the homework assignment just as well: Go out. Start a fight with a total stranger. And loose.

Barely related to Fincher. But in anticipation of the 10th Anniversary of FIGHT CLUB, find the full story here:

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  1. Another one of these adolescent idiots who don't actually get the movie.