Patty Smith - "Downtown Train"

This classic David Fincher music video from 1987 has been missing from our collection for the longest time. So big thanks to Henry for digging it up and sending it our way.

The video is just beautiful. There are some insanely great shots in there, some wonderful lighting and just great angles and stagings. That's what I love about Fincher's style: He knows how to shoot something in a way that will stick in my head for a while. Those floor-level shots pointing up from underneath the "downtown train" are just brilliant, shot at the exact perfect slow-motion speed and lit just right... that's masterful directing.

I don't want to start speaking about a black-and-white period Fincher has been going through, but towards the end of the 80s he seemed to have quite enjoyed that "color palette".

How do you guys like the video? Patty Smith - Downtown Train


  1. who's the chick?

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