New Title Artwork

There is no way of not noticing: The FincherFanatic Blog has a slick, enticing, all-new title artwork... and it comes courtesy of Justin Reed, a very talented graphic artist from Vermont. Justin arranged for this blog to feature his painting, and I do appreciate that immensely. It makes this blog look so much better! I could stare at it for hours on end ...

If you are into movies (and I know you are) go check out Justin's art gallery on his site, all of you, for a clean version of the painting. Furthermore, the site features illustrations on some of the finest films ever made, such as Magnolia, Rear Window and The Dark Knight, to name only a few, and every single one of them looks so sweet -- they make you wanna buy 'em and hang 'em on your walls right away.

Let's hope Justin gets more prints and an online-shop running soon!

How do you like the new title art?
Comment below.


  1. it is not a matter of liking it...

    it is a matter of asking:

    how many gazillion dollars does justin want for an enormous version of this? i need to put it on my living room wall.

    i'm serious.

  2. sick art bro. wish i could do this

  3. KUDOS! Amazing.

  4. damn, i wish i had your talent! or any talent, really

  5. The Blog "the work and genius of David Fincher" now features a title artwork that should be known as "the work and genius of Justin Reed".
    I also like the new background, by the way!

  6. >>kroaked<<April 22, 2009 at 1:53 AM

    Wow! That guy is really good. The colors and lighting are just like the movie!

  7. Nice speshul fitschurs. Can I have it as a wallpaper? Or what about as an iPhone Wallpaper? Please?