David Fincher Visits With James Cameron

Ever since I had first heard about David Fincher's long-time dream project, Rendezvous With Rama, I was thinking what a kick in the nuts movie that would make in Fincher's hands. Last October the word was the project was officially dead. But hope dies last...

And especially with this blog-post about a "recent" set visit: David Fincher strolling around at James Cameron's AVATAR production. Now of course this is all rumor, and the source doesn't exactly make clear what "recent" means here. As far as I know the AVATAR shooting is finished and they are deep in post-production. So if this is "news" from last summer, I guess there is not much reason to reanimate our hopes for a David Fincher space odyssey.

The technology -- as I am sure AVATAR will prove -- is definitely ready now, though. That may be a good sign. And if "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button" will perform well enough in its follow-up markets, DVD sales mostly, maybe it will be easier to get the budget for RAMA together.

"Button", by the way, is still running on about 200 screens across the US and is currently at a world-wide take of just under $330 million. So clearly it's not THE DARK KNIGHT, money-wise, but it's reasonable for an epic romance.

Let's hope the "recent" news will mean something. RAMA is so definitely a Fincher movie I would love to watch!

Big thanks to Statrick for the find!
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  1. On an unrelated note:

    It saddens me that most Americans are f-in stupid and tasteless, evident in the fact that they went to see Transformers more than Zodiac or Benjamin Button.

    These people deserve George W. Bush. He is merely a reflection of themselves. They even voted for him.

    I hope change is coming and Homo Americano makes way for Homo Urbano.

  2. Michael Bay is an ugly talentless son of a dog, and so is Jerry Bruckheimer.

    "At least one more explosion. At least... one more explosion. Maybe two. I would go for three."


  3. Just hearing the ugly tit talk makes me vomit:


    "... you know?"

    He's obviously a deep guy.

  4. I know this is going to be unpopular, but this is what I think about Michael Bay:

    He think he is a very fine director, who knows his craft and delivers very commercially appealing movies. And the main reason he is so often pointed at as being a "hack" or a "douche" is that his ambition is not to make "films that scar" like Mr. Fincher, Bay wants to make films that entertain, and for the mass audience they certainly do just that.

    It's a different genre. It's like classical music compared to Britney Spears. But I can watch a Michael Bay movie and still have a great time. At least I do know in advance what I will be getting...

  5. No me entendeis pero da igual.
    Esta puede ser la oportunidad de desquitarse de esa infravalorada película llamada Alien 3.
    En serio, creo que sería una película estupenda, muy fincheriana, en sus manos cita con rama y el cine están a salvo.

  6. Translation:

    I understand but do not care.
    This may be the opportunity to pay off this understated film called Alien 3.
    Seriously, I think it would be a great film, very fincherian, in his hands the film industry is safe.

  7. Check out this commercial for the new 21:9 televisions by Adam Berg: http://www.cinema.philips.com

    David Fincher couldn't have done it any better.

  8. And so much for David Fincher being genius and blablabla... there are other directors who do work that if you were told it's by Fincher you would believe it. Except they don't get fanboyblogs and the kind of glorification Fincher does.

  9. Oh and thanks for the lovely ads on top of the blog. I always wondered where I could go to film school so I can be the next David Fincher.

  10. Michael Bay is a talented director. Not just anybody with a directorial background could do what he does. It takes considerable assertiveness to control productions of massive scale and bring in the product on time and within budget parameters. People who label him a hack don't know that they're talking about. The type of person who would say that is probably an art-house snob who only likes obscure silent foreign movies from the 20's. Speaking of which, I'm tired of seeing the trend of snarky comments from anonymous people ripping those who come here regularly to praise the Finch-man. They're obviously just trying to be cool and edgy by posturing to not be a fan of his since the admiration for his brilliance has become so widespread. These people need to hit the bricks and go back to the coffee shop while clad in a black beret to discuss Tarkovsky and Godard with the rest of the self-aggrandizing cultural elite.