Benjamin Button DVD Details!

Sorry, no proper time to post this: Thanks a great deal to Mikez for pointing me and us to the DVD details of David Fincher's "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button", as published on and supposedly set for a May 5th release!

Seems like TCCOBB will get the Criterion treatment, single disc (DVD), and 2-disc (DVD and Blu Ray) all released on the same date, no double dipping, commentary by David Fincher and a four part Making Of.

Gotta love it. Never looked forward to May this much...

Here's the link. What do you think: The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, US-release

... a little more detail here: Benjamin Button

... pre-order from


  1. Read on post on

    "The one Fincher movie I hate gets the Criterion treatment!!!???"

  2. Gould's FutureMarch 20, 2009 at 11:33 AM

    Put a sock in it Gould! You're still going to end up buying it. Maybe not on the home video release date, but eventually. Someday you'll come across it when it's on sale and you won't be able to resist picking it up for its technical merits. And then you'll feel pangs of shameful guilt for going along with the miserable internet lemmings who wrongfully thought it was a deserving receptacle for the hatred they live to dole out at the time of its release.

  3. I'd rather have Fight Club or Se7en be Criterion releases than Benjamin Button. But their special edition DVDs are up to par with Criterion DVDs, in my opinion, so no worries.

  4. Just for the record, "Gould" didn't originally write that. He was just relaying something that "elle_driver" posted on another forum. Unless "Gould" and "elle_driver" are the same person -- who knows. On the internet we don't ask and we don't tell.

    I'd say it's a safe bet that everyone reading the comments on "The Works and Genius of David Fincher" is buying the DVD when it comes out. I wouldn't get too upset about it.

  5. I won't because as much as I love Fincher I don't buy the "instant classic" the studio has been trying to market and Criteron just seems too early to me.

    @Um : it seems everyone disapproving this movie is part of a hatred coalition against Fincher :-)) I'm not. I just wish he goes back to what he does best. And Criterion should think instead about a Zodiac release...

  6. Here's another quote and the best so far :-))

    “If Paramount can get that David Fincher crap movie Ben Button in the Criterion Collection they can certainly get the Transformers films in there. Hell, I already have two movies in the Collection (Armageddon and The Rock) and everyone will soon realize just how important both the Transformer films are to the history of cinema. My name will be up there with Kurosawa and Bergman!"

    Michael Bay

  7. I agree, Zodiac is much more worthy of a Criterion release than Ben Button.

    Wow, Michael Bay is being really cocky spouting such self-indulging comments! Almost like Kevin.

  8. Bergman, Kurosawa, Bay...

    That is indeed hilarious Gould!

  9. Michael Bay is either extremely delusional or being very self-ironic. It would be interesting to hear the interview rather than read it, as subtext gets kind of lost without voice and context.

    Bay's movies are so shitty, I could punch everyone who likes them in the face. It's a shame these movies sell more tickets than masterpieces like Zodiac.

    Bring on the interesting comments, Gould!

  10. Michael Bay never said these things. Here's the link to that supposed interview... but if you look closely, at the top it says "filed under: Satire" and at the very bottom "This article and its contents are fictitious. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental or is intended purely as a satire, parody or spoof."

    I remember a stunt they pulled at THE ONION, where they had "Michael Bay" react to the success of "March Of The Penguins".

    Follow up:

  11. Sorry Brent you're gonna have to punch someone else in the face because it's all a joke :-))
    I should have mentioned that. Still it sounded so true and you cannot help wondering what's the logic of Criterion sometimes. And it wouldn't surprise me either Transformer gets a release over there...

  12. CCBB deserves to be mentioned within the same context as the Michael Bay canon.

  13. Bergman, Kurosawa, Bay.

    That sounds more like an IQ test question on what doesn't belong in the word chain.

  14. A Baby Named JesusMarch 25, 2009 at 8:30 AM

    Michael Bay NEVER would have said that because he is the co-owner of Digital Domain, and in addition to being personal friends with David Fincher, he too has a direct interest in Benjamin Button on account that his company did all of its special effects.

    So now "fans" of David Fincher are resorting to posting bull shit interviews in order to bash one of his movies?

  15. Oh come on... That was a JOKE. Anybody being able to Google could have found that.

  16. Does anyone have any information on what Fincher's next directing project will be?
    I loved the first hour of TCCBB but found the rest to be disappointing. But what do I know the film made money and is now getting the Criterion DVD treatment.

    P.S Great Fincher site!