First Look At "The Goon"

It was reported a while ago that David Fincher will be involved with the adaptation of "The Goon" graphic novel. Now there are two exclusive picture of what the film will look like, available through Ain't It Cool News. And to me they look absolutely absorbing!

Since the characters were cartoons to begin with, it seems not such a big gap to master in the adaptation from 2D to 3D. What is much more exciting than the pictures themselves is that this will be one further project with Fincher's brilliant eye and mind attached in the near future. On the pictures it says "The Goon" will be a David Fincher and Blur Studios production... But who will direct this thing?!! I have been dreaming about an animated feature from David Fincher forever, and if there is any chance on earth, this material sounds perfectly suited. Anybody knows more about the director's chair on this?

How do you guys like the first looks? Take a peek:

High Resultion Versions of the images:


  1. Looks good. It seems that they are "actively developing", as people say in Hollywood.

    Considering the silence on the news front, probably some cgi artist will direct his first feature. Well... as a Fincher fanatic, I'll probably support it. Unless it sucks, but I honestly doubt it.

  2. These are Renderings on Spec, much like the test scene with the spoon for Benjamin Button. it doesn't mean there's financial backing behind this project.

  3. I want something daring and provocative like Fight Club, not Spielberg fare or Cartoons!

  4. I don't really have anything to say, but I'm gonna comment anyway.

  5. A Baby Named JesusMarch 17, 2009 at 6:32 PM

    He's producing this, not directing.

    Also, some of you have to get over Fight Club. He can't make the same movie over and over.