Working With David

I just ran into this exclusive HD-feature, another round-table setting, where a blushing Fincher is torpedoed with compliments on his grand genius. Bet he liked that ... not. Focus of this video is acting performances, and how many other directors fail to conjure up a vision as clear and precise as David Fincher's.

And it has a new, previously unreleased scene from the film that is really cool. Watch it here: Working With David


  1. It seemed like Taraji was the one who was most taken aback about being inundated with so many takes. I wonder if she burst into tears at the onset of take 100 for a seemingly mundane shot while asking "What do you want from me Mr. Fincher!?!" Look, these people get paid handsomely to play make-believe while being filmed so they're not exactly going to garner sympathy among the coal miners of the world if they insinuate that it's grueling to be subjected to thousands of takes over the course of their shooting schedule. Plus, if they truly value their craft they'll relish every working second they get with a cinematic genius like DF which Pitt clearly does.

  2. Fincher talked about it in his last "Empire" interview. He basically said that many actors and actresses are just people who choose this job because they like the attention so it's the director civic duty to make sure that there are punished for that.