Fincher And Pitt On Charlie Rose Show

I haven't had the time to watch this, so I don't know what's in this hour for you ... but I was told it would be damn good ... and I know it will be! To everyone who has spotted and reported this -- Kyle, Alexander, Christophe, Angus and Kevin -- thank you all a lot!

To everyone ... Merry Christmas ... and here is the link:

Charlie Rose: Brad Pitt And David Fincher


  1. thanks a lot for this video.
    this conversation is great!

    i'm french and i haven't understood everything.

    i'm interested in the polical part.
    i think it's the first time that Fincher talks about politic.

    Can anything say me exactly what he say about the last election?

    thanks a a lot in avance!

  2. It could've been better if Charlie had given David a little more spotlight during the interview. Am I right?

  3. Charlie Rose is such a prick. He's so full of himself.

  4. "Can anything say me exactly what he say about the last election?

    thanks a a lot in avance!"

    Yeah, I was wondering whether Fincher was a democrat or republican. Turns out he actually went to Chicago with Pitt when Obama made his acceptance speech.

  5. Oh my god, Charlie Rose is indeed a smug arrogant patriot! And he's kind of creepy, too.

  6. i don't know why, but i always saw David as a republican.

  7. lol
    david fincher : republican !
    what a joke..

    he is apolitic/ doesn t care about right or left shit /doesn t stop to think obama is the solution and all that ..
    who care..

  8. [This comment was moderated.]

    Right, Fincher was rather forced to give a statement by this politically biased prick Charlie Rose... Fincher is too smart for that bullshit. "America as a leader on all frontiers"? WTF?! The US is responsible for pulling the world into world recession, and the other things you hear from that shitty country in the news are not much more encouraging: US as the biggest CO2 contributor to global warming, f***ed up health system, terrorism, wars... wouldn't want to be an US citizen, no no. I'm happy the US gets to feel what it's like to be a third world country right now... haha.

  9. I like the part through the end when Fincher okeyed the remake of The getaway idea for Pitt, with him and Angie leading.
    I think he was half joking, but
    you never know.

  10. i'm french and i hate this primar anti-american comment.
    it's so poor and easy.

    USA are defenitively a great country.

    i'm Ok. Finch is Apolitic!

    we clearly see that when he talks about Obama. he has just like the movement behind him.

  11. Yeah we get it, you're french. You don't have to repeat yourself. Your comment "USA are defenitively a great country" is actually poorer and easier than mine, at least I give some reasoning why the US sucks, you just say they are "defenitively" [sic] "great". What a substantiated and differentiated argument... wow.

  12. I would look forward to seeing that Getaway re-remake if Angelina emulated all of Kim Basinger's nude scenes!

  13. jack, you're a real asshole.

    i don't give arguments because America isn't the subject.

    the subject of this forum is David Fincher, and eventually what he could think about politic.

  14. hello
    please help me ..
    i m on holiday in thailand , and i would like to know when '' benji' '' is coming out in cinema here?..
    i can not find any date for thailand !

    thank you

  15. com on
    anyone wants to talk about the movie...

    i can t / i haven t see it yet

    well i m french too
    it is the french connection ..
    so beware!


  16. Rose is a self important idiot who likes to explain what he thinks about movies as if he feels it's a way of taking credit for making the movie. And then he has to fucking get into Pitt's marriage? Still, it was great to see Fincher and Pitt talking about movies.

  17. did ficher talk about movies he likes?

  18. i found the curious case of benjamin button on thenet ..
    good film !

  19. Benji' is a very good movie
    but not for everybody and especially not for american viewers /like most of fincher works ..
    why am i saying that?
    well ,it s long/dark,obscur/there s no happy ending/not familly friendly (let me tell you a love all that/i love fincher vision/world) ..
    so that some of the reasons why some viewers will dislike it. some of us go to cinema for entertainment ,they went to enjoy themself while eating some fastfood sh.te , and that not how it works with Finch' .
    He will give you the tolls of entertainment and the thoughts asian philosophy , am i talking rubbish?
    let me just say while Tim Burton makes movies for Christian's girls , David Fincher makes them for Buddhist men ..

    see you'

    nothing lasts forever

  20. "let me just say while Tim Burton makes movies for Christian's girls , David Fincher makes them for Buddhist men .."
    Quote of the year par_appui !