Fincher News Treat

Before everyone heads into their holidays, let me clear out some of these David Fincher news items that have piled up in my inbox this past week. Enjoy!

First item is a motif we have seen before, and it must be my favorite "Benjamin Button" promotional image. Seriously hope this will be released as an official poster.

Variety: Benjamin Button Image

"Each year, AFI AWARDS honors excellence in the moving image arts within the context of a Year in Review."

And there were and will be some good shows in 2008! "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button" of course made AFI's Movies of the Year selection, and they have even put together a little trailer. Nice. AFI Awards

"Life would be infinitely happier if only we could be born at the age of 80 and gradually approach 18."

So as you can see Mark Twain was a partial inspiration for F. Scott Fitzgerald's short story, and might have been a fan of Roth's and Fincher's film-adaptation. Times Online ran a story on "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button", a review of the film coupled with an essay on the question how anyone could have chosen David Fincher to direct it.

Good read. Especially with this Fincher quote in it:

"There was nothing about it that was easy. But you reach the end of a project like this and realise that, with everything you’ve learnt, it’s only now that you’re actually qualified to make this movie." The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

Yes, even big hollywood directors may have once worked as newspaper boys. And so did David Fincher, and it served him rather well. Now, the newspaper he was delivering as a kid asked Fincher for an interview, telling the story of how Fincher got acquainted with his profession.

MarinIndependentJournal: Director Fincher

Don't know about you guys, but I think Queeny aka Taraji P. Henson is a real cutie. In this little NYMag piece, she shares how she was 'tricked' into working on the movie: Expecting to work with Brad Pitt ... but really spending most of her time acting opposite of blue-faced stand-in actors. Life is tough.

NYMag: Taraji P. Henson

There have been many promotional interviews released over the last couple of days, and snippets of this we have seen before: Premiere has added an interview clip focusing on Brad Pitt, and he has a thing or two to share about what he thinks of his latest work.

I especially loved this moment coming on at around 3:05, when Pitt really lightens up, talking about the director:

"Listen, as a fan of film I consider this a master work."

Pitt may not be entirely unbiased. But let's say, I trust him on this. Oh, and also ... I think I have never seen Brad Pitt so tired! How's that for a promotional video?

Premiere: Exclusive Benjamin Button Clip

I assume most of you have signed up on the Benjamin Button Official Site for updates, and believe it or not, Paramount has finally sent an email to remind you of the new stuff they have put online. And there are some truly great ones on, film clips and interviews and especially the "round table discussions" are worth watching to give you a glimpse of what DVD special features will be all about.

Very cool:
Paramount: Official Site Updates

Here's another interview snippet with Taraji. Taraji P. Henson interview & film clips

Wonder what a romantic comedy would look like, when shot by David Fincher? Well, you might get a taste of this soon enough. MTV ran this post on Keanu Reeves' mysterious "Chef" project, and it appears Fincher is very much interested in making it. Think of it as Fincher doing a live-action version of "Ratatouille". Nuh, just kidding. Sadly.

What we do gather from the "Black Book", though, is that the screenplay must indeed be very good, since a ton of producers across town named it one of the best screenplays of the year that have not yet been made.

Great to see Fincher associated with it. Let's see what comes of it.
MTV Exclusive: David Fincher Reveals Ingredients

Mr. Fincher also has a word for the MTV folks on his next ...
MTV Splash Page: David Fincher On His "Torso" Adaptation

If you can make it to New York in time, this will be your most precious Christmas present: The Film Society Of Lincoln Center is putting on a special event, honoring the works of director David Fincher -- and they will have him there to talk about "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button". I know of at least one Fincher fanatic, who's going ... and I wish him a great time ... and I will be excited to see, what he has to say about the event. It's January 4th. So if any one of you can make it ...!

Special Event, at the Film Society Of Lincoln Center

... and since I am sadly but most definitely running out of time, you will have to find out for yourselves what these last ones are. Let me say a big thanks to Christophe, Cara, Thiago, Simon and Niko for many of these wonderful findings!

Here's the rest. Enjoy:

The Quote Machine
GetTheBigPicture: Top Ten Directors Of 2008
ScreenActorsGuild Awards: The Nominees
TimeOutNewYork: Killing With Kindness

... haha, I've been waiting to say this once ... "Just in": Another interview MTV did with David Fincher. Enjoy!

MTV: David Fincher Interview

... with some exclusive set photos:
Exclusive Behind The Scenes Photos

(Watch out for the "Mr. Dork" baseball cap.)


  1. what's that with you and queeny?

  2. I already have my ticket. I'm dragging the wife and sis in law along too.

  3. @ Kevin

    :-) Yes, that's what I was thinking, too. I'll invite my wife and my parents to see this, like, "hey, let's all go see this visual effects ladden hollywood romance from the director of SE7EN and FIGHT CLUB".

    Let's see how they take it ...

    Have fun -- Kevin, and everyone who gets to see it this week!

  4. Roger Ebert's BB review was among his worse in ages. It reminded me of his review of Blade Runner, another film he misunderstood.

    I have seen BB and disagree completely. BB is a story anyone with a pulse can relate to. IT helps if you've lived past 30 or have had a mother, but those aren't requirements to enjoy this fable about a life come full circle.

    It's written by Eric Roth yes, yet over at people are so focused on Gump comparisons that the beauty and vision Fincher has brought to this film is sadly unseen by that demographic. Sometimes a truly great film comes along, and goes unappreciated because our language has taken them for granted and accepted so many films that are bad for our soul. BB is better than that.

  5. Reviews are always subjective, as is this blog. Get over it.

  6. Roger Ebert's review is as much valid as some fanboy saying Benjamin Button is "the best movie ever". Apart from the fact that a movie can't be the best ever and that in 10 years, no one will remember anyway, people do have different world views.

  7. Hey Kevin,
    Hope you and yours have a great time at Lincoln Center tomorrow. I am extremely jealous.
    Any possibility of surreptitiously recording the Fincher q+a and posting it here ?
    Kind regards,