I wonder just what's true about this: The New York Post ran a story defaming David Fincher to be a 'rude and imperious dope'. I'll believe the 'imperious' part right away -- since Fincher isn't exactly known for being easy going on things he feels are not done right. But a 'rude dope'?!

I do have a hard time believing that Fincher actually got physical when running into former Paramount chairman John Goldwyn, who, 15 years ago, wouldn't greenlight "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button". Supposedly Fincher "hit Goldwyn in the chest with his hand and hurt him and said, 'That's for you, for not greenlighting the movie when you had a chance'."

If this really happened Fincher would have indeed acted like a dope -- since he himself was holding back on the project until the visual effects needed to create the story would be available. More so, the argument itself doesn't seem very plausible either, since Fincher wouldn't have had anything to do with the film some 15 years ago. So what would be the point of arguing with Goldwyn? Let alone 'fight'?

In my book this story seems somewhat cooked. But who knows, maybe Fincher got horribly drunk and lost his mind. Let's see if further details wash up about this very curious case ...

Thanks to Christophe for this story:
NYPost.com: Director Acts Like A Dope


  1. Normally I wouldn't respond to such a post. But if you read one of the user comments below this article you can see someone debunk the whole thing. And having met Fincher and worked with him briefly. I can say he's only hard to please when he feels you are not giving your best. And so many people in Hollywood do not liked to be pushed like that. It's a shame. When you do your absolute best he's the easiest guy to get along with.

  2. Oh I believe it. Fincher is not one for f-king with and if that slob got on his nerves why not give him a good push. Hollywood is a place full of a-holes and suits with no brains. Must be hard for someone with some real talent and artistic integrity. I agree Fincher will only push ppl if he feels their not giving their best. And he's probably pissed that Paramount even tries so hard in the oscar race ,... Fincher's work should speak for itself and convince ppl that he's a damn genius without exhaustive campaigns. But probably Fincher won't get an oscar with this either, even when it's a perfect caliber. hes just not the type to give an Academy Award to. After all, he has his own ideas.

  3. Page 6 of the Post, with their reliance on anonymous sources and nebulous hearsay, doesn't have much journalistic credibility since the stuff they tend to go with isn't fit to print unless the details of the given stories are sensationalized to the point that any framework of truth is totally eroded. Usually this is the section exclusively reserved for salacious after-hours accounts of the talentless who are famous for being famous. The timing of this makes me wonder if maybe the story was fabricated or exaggerated by rivals who will be jockeying for box office or award positioning in December when BB is poised to be the fastest thoroughbred in the running. I dunno...maybe my judgment is clouded since I'm a big fan of his but I just have a hard time believing somebody as savvy as DF would openly assault a guy to the degree suggestive of that gossip item. If he really did, maybe he had his reasons and there's more to the backstory between the two than anybody knows which could include the existence of irreparable bad blood. When you're a filmmaker like Fincher, cursed with being the smartest guy in the room and tortured with seeing the exactitude of the vision you have for your project fully realized, you're going to be peppered with accusations of tyranny by people in the industry who don't have as much pride as he does about having their name permanently etched onto something. His somewhat notorious reputation as a merciless taskmaster, coupled with his enhanced visibility due to the high-profile nature of this release, maybe explains why suddenly the press has seized an opportunity to pin flimsy accusations of extracurricular studio executive abuse on him.

  4. I really don't understand the Fincher fanatics. What film has this guy made that is truly great? Seriously, the most complete vision he's ever had is a three minute Madonna video.

    Aliens 3 wasn't nearly the film it could have been. Seven was a pretentious even ridiculous thriller, The Game not that great, Panic Room complete crap, Fight Club was pretty good but not in a league with any truly great films, heck it was probably the seventh or eighth best film of 1999 (which was a pretty good year actually) and Zodiac while it was pretty good isn't all that either.

    Now this, Forrest Gump 2 - wow, neat. And they don't even understand the elements that made that film a hit. Its loaded with Oscar bait touches and nothing for the audience.

    Also, he is pretty much known as a dick. I mean who else goes around to multi-plexes and screams at minimum wage projectionists because he doesn't think his film is being screened properly.

    Seriously, Fincher is one of the luckiest men in the world and he still thinks he's being persecuted. His films make no money, despite that he gets paid a lot and he somehow gets final cut and complete control over his films. If the world was truly fair he'd be asking people if they want fries with their order.

  5. @Bill: that's the funniest post I've read today!

    Now, come on, you can tell us : were you the guy Fincher supposedly punched? :-)

    I agree with Anonymous this "news" has to be taken with much precaution.

  6. Yeah Bill, people around this blog have been known to defend David Fincher like a pop teen idol. Almost like that guy on YouTube who screams in agony and tears "Leave Britney alone!!!"

  7. @ Bill

    Fincher is a genius... deal with it.