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The internet may barely have been so aflare with news on and about David Fincher and his latest musings as it is right now, announcing the upcoming 'The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button'. I am loving this, because it washes up new Fincher stuff every day, and that may just be as good as it gets for any fan!

This amount of new finds can only be dealt out in vast heaps! And so let us begin. Up front is a wonderful article from USAToday treating the curious and unique friendship between David Fincher and his favorite actor Brad Pitt.

This very friendship has brought us SE7EN and FIGHT CLUB so far, which are both among my absolute all time favroite movies! And I have all the good confidence one can have for the upcoming BENJAMIN BUTTON. The most remarkable thing Brad Pitt has to say about Fincher is this:

"If he wants me to do a movie, I say yes first, then find out what it is."

So worth a read. Thanks Thiago for finding this! Curious Case Of Friendship

And since we are all audiovisually addicted the kind folks at TheMovieBox are blessing us with an all new TV spot for TCCOBB. Quite nice indeed. Watch: Benjamin Button, TV Spot #3

Next, let Fincher himself have a word on his upcoming and developing films. ObsessedWithFilm quotes a new article from our favorite film magazine EMPIRE in which David Fincher reveals he is still working hard to make his World War II movie "Fertig" with Brad Pitt a reality. According to the post Fincher evaluates the project as having the potential to be "one of the five greatest movies ever made". That out of David Fincher's mouth? I would watch it right now!

The project has been in development for almost a decade and it came on and off the industry radar in the form of various rumors and posts over the last couple of years. So another great piece news from the short article is Fincher is still activeley working on this, and apparently so with one of his great idols, Robert Towne, the screenwriter from CHINATOWN:

"I think all of the criticisms levelled at the script, up until this point, have been valid ones, but I also think it’s just one of the great fucking stories. I talk with Robert Towne twice a week and he’s working."

Argh. Need more Fincher movies! Here's the article, big thanks to Angelo:
ObsessedWithFilm: Fincher still wants to make Fertig

Then in case we should have really accidentally missed this in previous posts (?!), here's your chance to listen to a Q&A session about "Benjamin Button" with David Fincher, Eric Roth and others on the podium.

Thanks, Christophe, for the find. Sorry I may have missed this earlier.
Incontention: Button drops (with Audio)

Compared with the first reactions we have been getting the more mainstreamy critics (and audiences, hopefully) are reacting overwhelmingly positive to Fincher's latest motion picture. Due to the sheer volume, allow me to chomp these into a simple list. In case you guys are still interested in reading raving reviews for this ...:

Newsweek: The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button Benjamin Button Movie Review
FoxNews: Brad Pitt As Golum (?) Fincher's Triumph Or Folly?

Msnbc: Fincher Has High Hopes ...

Then last but not least, here's a new photo gallery with previously unseen snaps from the film:
FilmSchoolRejects: The Curious Promo Materials

... and there's a slight chance we may know a little more about that curious CHEF project that was rumored about this week. Christophe has come across THE BLACK LIST, which is a compendium of the best but unreleased / unproduced screenplays of every year. And the 2007 issue of this list includes an "Untitled Chef Project". There is no mention of either Keanu Reeves nor David Fincher, only of writer Steve Knight, the scribe behind EASTERN PROMISES and EMMA'S WAR.

However, if you look at the logline this definitely doesn't sound much like a Fincher project:

"A Michelin-level chef tries to make a comeback from major personal
issues. He gathers his old friends together as his ‘dream team’ and
ends up falling in love with the newest member of the group."

Nope, du'nt sound like Fincher at all.

But on the other hand it's CAA handling the projects, and the rights are with Paramount. So it may just be ...

What do you think?!


  1. thanks for all these news, man!
    how should we do without you?

  2. Remember that Fincher was attached to Kitchen Cofidential (based on A.Bourdain's excellent book) a couple of years ago, so that's no surprise.

  3. Although I would love to see any new Fincher film, to hell with "Black Hole", give us "Fertig"!!

  4. I remember "Kitchen Confidential" (or "Seared") and that it was rumored shortly after FIGHT CLUB. However that project sounded more subversive and fun, while the "Untitled Chef Project" sounds quite schmalzy ... at least in its logline.

  5. Nobody here like the new tv spot?!!

    Come one, poeple! I'm LOVIN it. find it very cool that each of the trailers and spots has a unique feeling and seems to sell a different facet of the story.

    No less than 10 nominations.
    I know it.

  6. Wow, what a welcome wealth of information. It's *curious* to note some of the divergence in those reviews even though they all fell within the positive side of the reaction spectrum. Each reviewer seems to have taken something different away from their viewing which perhaps means the film really does offer an embarrassment of thought food riches which should come as no surprise for a filmmaker of Fincher's caliber. I don't care about the Oscar nominations since that ceremony has become more about industry politics than rewarding the actual work (and somebody like DF might not be a politically correct guy to vote for since he doesn't let the bigwigs push him around creatively)...I do want the movie to be a massive box office success though so he gets a heretofore unseen level of carte blanche for his follow-up(s).