Ain't It Cool Review

Big thanks to our loyal contributors Thiago and Christophe for pointing us to this: The most beautiful review for "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button" so far. It comes courtesy of AintItCool, and what I loved so much about it, is that it was truly enthusiastic -- the way I felt for SE7EN and FIGHT CLUB.

The review perfectly describes the feeling I get when walking out of a Fincher film. You know you will be stuck with the images and the themes for a long time, you know you witnessed something extraordinary, something near perfect. My excitement and expectations for this film have long peaked. So I guess I need no further reviews praising the picture to help me decide whether I will see it or not. But David Fincher is one of the few directors who can go up against the highest of expectations and still not let me down.

"Everything is falling apart", was one line in FIGHT CLUB that really stuck with me, and that same notion seems to be elaborated on more personally and emotionally in "Benjamin Button" -- Nothing lasts. On a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.

I know that I am especially receptible to the fear of dying and loosing loved ones, which I feel is the great tragedy in life. By reading this AintItCool review I almost certainly knew the movie will be going to overwhelm and fascinate me ... like Fincher's film have done.

One thing I found great about the review in particular: The writer pointed out that the way you enjoy or feel about a story always has a lot to do with your personal situation, whether you can relate the central themes and conflicts to your own life. I believe that is very much so, noticing with several films how their effects on me changed over time, how films became either better or worse.

And that's one other thing that makes me the perfectly compatible fan of David Fincher's output: Even though I do consider his films timeless, it seems as if he is evolving in his choice of themes. And they seem to match with what interests me as well. That should make for a good movie experience!

I know Thiago enjoyed the review as much as I did. I'll be curious what you guys think of it. Read it here:


  1. Incredible. This is going to be the best Christmas present ever.

  2. As a fan, I have to say that this is how I think I will feel like. Hopefully.

  3. Fincher WILL be there in person for "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" The price of ticket will be between 8-10 dollars.

  4. Wow Bernard, so you mean we can obsess over him like teenagers from up close? I don't think he appreciates stalkers, I wouldn't advertise this fact here. Cheers.

  5. Yay! We can all see him from all different angles!!

  6. Maybe some of his talent will radiate to us and elevate us a bit.

  7. We are not worthy to be near such a godly figure. We must bow our heads at home and worship his movies.

  8. The new dream job is not to become a pilot, or a doctor, or a lawyer, it's to become David Fincher!

  9. David Fincher is my stand-in father, my role model, my idol.

  10. Oh thy Holy Fincher!
    Why'st thou films that genius!
    Who shalst compare!
    No one!
    We are not worthy!
    Until a thousand Suns have set,
    won't there be a God like you!
    We shalst be worshipping you,
    over and over!
    Until our fingers bleed,
    and our eyes pop out,
    and all our friends think we're weird.