Must See: Film Clips and Interviews!

Due to time constraints on my part, let's try a different approach with this post. One you will quite enjoy, I suppose: Less talk, more content!

The unsurpassed contributors to this site all stumbled across the same valuables there. Voice a 'big thanks' to Thiago, Kevin, Christophe and Angus ... and enjoy the first ever film clips of "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button", an interview with Taraji P. Henson and a half-hour video podcast of Larry King and Brad Pitt, chatting about this and that, Benjamin Button and David Fincher.

Loaded with great talk of the upcoming film and some excellent trivia.
Or did you know that Eric Roth was god-father to one of Pitt's kids?

Quite extraordinary. -- Thanks a lot, guys!

Blackvoices: Exclusive Interview And Clips With Taraji
Brad Pitt On Larry King Live

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