The Fincher Avalanche

It's not like I am running out of words to describe the vast and satisfying harvest of Fincher news that comes trickling through the wires! So as long as this stuff comes pouring, I'll try to match stride and give you however many news items pile up with every post.

With U.S. wide-release just two weeks away, tension is rising, especially due to the early buzz and energizing testimonials the film has been receiving. Dezember 9th now saw the official Los Angeles premiere of "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button". And judging by the photo gallery everyone was there -- except for David Fincher.

Which means, he most certainly was there but made sure to stay away from the cameras. That's the kind of job that is better suited to the likes of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Cate Blanchett, Taraji P. Henson, Tilda Swinton, Julia Ormond, Karl Urban, Gary Oldman, Eva Longoria, Emma Roberts, Sharon Stone and Jennifer Lopez and good few dozens more.

Check out Yahoo's photo gallery:
Los Angeles Premiere: The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

The Hollywood Insider has news on the long-gestated "Torso" adaption, which they refer to as "Ness". Namely: Paramount's rights to the material will expire December 15th. The studio announced, it will make a decision whether to move into production with this property (and David Fincher in the director's chair) before that deadline. That's a mere five days away ... so stay tuned on what may become Fincher's next after "Ben Button".

Here's the report:
Hollywood Insider: Ness in limbo

Time Magazine couldn't resits to create a bunch of more lists. This time it's The Top 10 Everything Of 2008, and in the Movies department David Fincher latest offering made the list -- without yet being released.

"The most satisfying tricks are performed by writers Eric Roth and Robin Swicord and director David Fincher", they brag, with "Benjamin Button" ranking #6, surpassed by titles like "Milk", "Synecdoche, New York" and "Wall-E" (#1).

If you are into lists ...
Time: The Top 10 Movies Of 2008

Screenwriter Eric Roth revealed today at the junket for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button that "Button" director David Fincher has expressed interest in his new screenplay, an adaptation of Erik Larson's "The Devil in the White City."

And you know what that means. Another possible contender on Fincher's tightly packed options list. And another flick involving a serial killer. It seems it's what Fincher thinks he does best!

Here's the story:
Coming Soon: Fincher To Take On The Devil In The White City

Some fun to break the ice. It seems many people got worked up over David Fincher's grouchier side in the past weeks. And this story goes very well with that: In a Q&A session following a screening at the Museum Of Modern Arts in New York, David Fincher was asked three times, what theme of the film attracted him to commit five years to the making of it. And Fincher responded: "I dunno."

You probably need a certain set of genetics to think this is funny. But I do. It must be the same DNA-defect that causes one to think FIGHT CLUB is a comedy -- and not a quasi-fascist underground brutality fest. But to imagine a whole gathering of journalists, film lovers and NY-intellectuals being confronted with a director (and one of such high rankingly controversial and "meaningful" films as SE7EN, FIGHT CLUB and ZODIAC), who gives such a plain, honest and unsatisfyingly unintellectual answer? -- Sounds like my definition of funny.

"When asked about differences between the [movie and the short story], Fincher said he doesn't know and, basically, doesn't care. (...) Each time Fincher gave such startling replies, he giggled and shrugged his shoulders, as if the questions were utterly ridiculous. Afterward, in the lobby, you could hear lots of attendees express shock at how poorly he came off."

Well, seems he either wasn't in the mood to come up with a more acceptable, 'better' answer ... or he genuinely didn't care. Some directors are very good at talking about their vision and their emotional or intellectual bond to a story. Some are very good at making their vision coming to life on the screen. It's great when you can do both -- but I prefer a director exceeding at the later!

Here's the story:
LATimes: Get David Fincher A Rewrite!

As an early Christmas present "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button" has started its official awards harvesting: The National Board of Review of Motion Pictures has crowned the movie twice -- screenwriter Eric Roth for the Best Adapted Screenplay and director David Fincher for Best Director!

Nothing much more to say about this story. Other than its the same contenders showing up everywhere. At the NBR "Slumdog Millionaire" won Best Movie over "Burn After Reading", "The Dark Knight", "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button" and "Wall-E". "Changeling", "Frost/Nixon" and "The Wrestler" are also movies to watch for futher award shows.

Check out the NBR winners: Awards For 2008

And next up is the 14th Annual Critic's Choice Award, which has just yesterday announced its 2008 nominees: "Milk" and "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button" are leading the race with 8 nominations each, going up against one another in such prestigeous categories as Best Picture, Best Director, Best Writer, Best Composer, Best Acting Ensemble and Best Actor. "Benjamin Button" further sees nominations for Cate Blanchett as Best Actress and Taraji P. Henson for Best Supporting Actress.

The winners of the 14th annual Critics' Choice Awards will be announced on Thursday, January 8th 2009 at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. The ceremony will be broadcast live by VH1 at 9:00 P.M. (ET/PT).

Here's more info:
AceShowbiz: Critic's Choice Nominees

I am no expert when it comes to American Football. My interest peaks when I see a David Fincher commercial about the game. But accompanying Fincher's latest commercial, "Leave Nothing" Nike's "Fate", I found this neat little article about 'life imitading art': A real-life encounter of the players from the commercial.

"One of the best commercials I've ever seen," said linebacker Lawrence Timmons. "I got it on my computer."

Me too. Check out this article: Life Won't Imitade Art On The Field

And to make you guys feel like it was more than rewarding to read this entire novel-of-a-post ... here's the best: Some 9 brand-new film clips from 'Benjamin Button'. They come with a total of 46 photos. But they will make you absolutely addicted and you may not be able to wait for the movie any longer. I certainly can't. I watched these clips and kept wanting to see more. Argh! ... need ... time-machine ...!!!

Before you all head over: A BIG THANK YOU, again, to you wonderful contributors, Christophe and Thiago! -- You elevate this site!

Here's the nine clips from TCCOBB. Enjoy:
RopeOfSilicon: Nine Clips From "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button"


  1. I won't watch these clips. Don't want to spoil the surprise....

  2. you guys are lunatics

  3. Anonymous,

    We are and damn proud of it! (lol).

    I hope you enjoy the film as much as we all (probably) will.

    Take care.

  4. The cinematography is to die for! The quality of the clips is not great....but wow the man sure knows how to stage his images. Looks like this will be my #1 film of 2008!

  5. Here's the thing I want to know about about Ness/Torso. If Paramount decides to let the rights to the story expire, can't Fincher just take the project to another studio like he did with Heavy Metal?

    Can someone please answer this question for me.

  6. The way I know properties are usually optioned for a certain period of time, say two to five years, and in the option agreement there is a clause, that the studio can extend the agreement for another option period for the payment of another option fee.

    So basically that would mean, if Paramount thinks, based on Ehren Kruger's latest script, that they will want to make the picture, they should be able to renegotiate or extend their option.

    If for some reason their total option period on the material should expire the rights revert to the author (or rights holder), and then he could make the decision to offer it to Fincher and/or another studio. So theoretically it's possible the deal might end up with some other studio. But I don't know the rights situation on this.

    Hope this answers your question. If anyone else knows better or otherwise, please correct.

  7. Has anybody here read "the Devil and the White City"?

  8. I think Michael Mann directed the "Leave Nothing" commercial...

  9. Hi Blake.

    Well, you are right. Michael Mann did direct a football commercial for NIKE, and probably that was titled "Leave Nothing".

    What's confusing is that Fincher's recent NIKE commercial has this same slogan ("Leave Nothing") at the end. However, Fincher's commercial was indeed not called "Leave Nothing" but "Fate".

    Please excuse the confusion.

  10. I read devil in a white city. Its pretty good.Its about two characters one is a serial killer and the other is a architect. The architect is designing the world fair in Chicago which is like Disneyland. It tells the story about how it was put together and the many problems he had to face.

  11. not wondering anymoreDecember 11, 2008 at 9:03 PM

    According to, Paramount has greenlit the Torso/Ness project with Fincher attached to direct.

    It's definitely Fincher's next feature-length project.