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Fincher fanatics! Enjoy these fortunate days of being bomb-blasted with adrenaline pumping Fincher news ... for all we knows 'nothing lasts', and at the very least of which that's true for ongoing Fincher news!

First things first: You sort of wonder why Paramount has you register 'for future updates' on the 'Benjamin Button' official website, which I did -- but then not even send out an email to notify you, when they put up a brilliant site for the flick!?? I don't get it. Or maybe I am the only one, who didn't get such an email?

Anyway, yes, there is a new site up for "Benjamin Button" and it is nothing short of spectacular. Big black and white photos, atmospheric music, and a very definite "Zelig" feel. I love the site, and so will you.

Here it is:
Benjamin Button, Official Website

For those of you who don't have any plans for next week and live in a reasonable distance to Los Angeles, let me remind you of an advanced exclusive screening for "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button" in The Egyptian, December 10th. For all we know David Fincher will be attending. But I am not so sure about just how much you would have to spend on a ticket!

Here's a weblink to this:
Exclusive Screening At The Egyptian

Next let's head over to the wonderful guys at Empire magazine, who are not only cool when it comes to sharing their fantastic magazine content with us Fincher fanatics. They are also the best when it comes to voting for the "Greatest Movie Character Of All Time". As usual when talking about "best" and "greatest of the universe and ever" lists, you will be in disagreement with about 99,9% of their choices. So it's probably good to know it was not Empire writers themselves just following their muses, it was actually the result of a readers poll.

Guess who came in number one? Nope, not Harry Potter, but close...
Empire: The Greatest Movie Characters Of All Time

... and if you are inclined to read some amusing bashings of the list, go to slashfilm and read their comments. It's hilarious. Sad -- but hilarious!

Slashfilm: On Empire's List

The International Cinematographer's Guild decided to run two stories on "Benjamin Button", well knowing Miranda's beautiful photography is a strong contender for the next Academy Award's race: On is an interview with David Fincher. The other a more technical account of Miranda's work on the film.

In his interview Fincher talks mostly about the upcoming "Ben Button", obviously, but also about his role in Hollywood and his approach in choosing his material:

"I don’t think of myself as a director-for-hire;
I am a working Hollywood director, but one who tries to be picky about the stuff I do.
I have certainly worked on things that I thought would be easier and go off without a hitch, but they didn’t."

Zodiac, namely, seemed to have been thought of as a "little movie in-between" ... and well, it certainly wasn't that!

The article on Claudio Miranda's work is exquisitely detailed about professional lighting, which might drive you nuts in case you don't know what an ND or a 1.9 is. But no worries, there are also some more founded Fincher goodies in this. For example Fincher chatting about the "most talented second unit director in history"; Tarsem (Singh) that is, the director of "The Cell" and "The Fall", who helped Fincher out with some second unit shooting. Amazing piece of trivia!

Here are the articles:
ICG: Exposure - David Fincher
ICG: Fountain Of Youth

Then, just for fun, skip through this review from THE ASPECT RATIO. Overall a good review, but really made my heart skip a beat, when I read "the digital aesthetic requires a period of adjustment for the eyes, and some of the motion-capture CGI suffers from The Polar Express Effect". You certainly couldn't tell by the trailer, the vfx were going to be THAT BAD!!!

Just kidding. I mean, the guy did write that. But I am pretty confident fx will be overall very well done!

The Aspect Ratio: Benjamin Button Review

That's it. Almost. Big thanks to all you busy and enthusiastic contributors: Thiago, Bernard, Kevin, Christophe, Angelo and Ed! -- Great, great finds!

And to sweeten everyone's day, check out three all new TV trailers for the film, from Can never see enough of this film anyway ... Let's hear how you like them:

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, TV Spot #4
The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, TV Spot #5
The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, TV Spot #6


  1. is Tarsem the second director of Benjamin Button?

    it's curious because IMDB doesn't mention him.

  2. you're crazy! what a load of great stuff. thanks. keep it coming!

  3. IMDB is SO inaccurate it is beyond measure.

  4. As for the question if Tarsem was the second unit director -- no, he wasn't. And therefore he is not mentioned on IMDB and probably gets more of a Special Thanks credit near the bottom end of the rear titles.

    As Fincher says, Tarsem was on holiday in the weirdest places on this planet and happened to be around the same locales as Brad Pitt around christmas, which is why it seemed a great opportunity for the befriended Tarsem to shoot a few montage pick-up images for the film -- thus making him a sort of a "second unit director".

  5. David Fincher is Santa Clause this year.

  6. Tyler Durden as the greatest character!?!?!? WTF? It's a great movie, but he belongs to 90s portion on this list. This list is a joke made by college kids, and the bias FINCHER FANATIC poster who said the bashings were "SAD-but hilarious" should know better. He does not belong on top of this list. Brando, Pacino, DeNiro, Cagney, Bogart, Nicholson are laughable on this list.

  7. Maybe I should clarify:

    I am a "fanatic" Fincher fan, hence the name; and "fanatic" means beyond reason, logic and proportion.

    But really what I meant by "sad but hilarious" is that I think people take their own opinion much too seriously. I cannot help but marvel at how angry people get over a list -- as if it were ever on earth possible to write a "true" list or anything, everybody would agree with.

    I think people should ease up about their opinion. It's just as right and wrong as everyone else's.

    And that's why I say hilarious: It's sad that people get so worked up over something as simple and trivial as this list ... but it can be quite entertaining to read how people insult each other over it.

  8. And I think Fight Club is the greatest film of all times. It's just me. That's why I have an homage to it tattooed on my right arm.

  9. My Tattoo says I (heart) MOM.