Exclusive Visit To The Set Of Benjamin Button

The wonderful Nev Pierce, a prolific film journalist, who has spoken with all the greats (everyone from Peter Jackson to his highness Tyler Durden), also currently editor-at-large at everyone's favorite film magazine EMPIRE, hosts this wonderful Fincher fanatic tidbit on his personal website: An exclusive set-visit to the filming of "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button".

If anyone should still experience a quasi erectile disfunction when it comes to prepping up for this masterpiece, I am sure devouring some lines from this article will help. With all the visual fancies and the extraordinary efforts of this decades-spanning epic I am very much excited for a multi-disc special edition. And this article is definitely a good fix for the craving.

"It’s a fable. And if you have parents
or children you’ll probably like it. it’s
about life and death" –- Eric Roth

Thanks for this early Christmas present, Nev!

P.S. For all US-residents: It's about time to secure your opening night tickets! Who's going?

Here's the article:
NevPierce: Exclusive Set Visit Of "Benjamin Button"


  1. In my country it opens only January 16th, but I'll still secure tickets.

    Thanks for the wonderful piece.

  2. I'm in Iceland for christmas and had originally bought my ticket so that I would be able to see it at least twice before leaving on the 20th, but then they change the release date and I had no choice. Either have the wife hate me for missing christmas or wait three extra days. So I won't be seeing it until I get back to NYC on 28th.

  3. Nice. Now THAT'S a find, unlike finding new clips on the official website.

  4. Now THAT'S a find: http://www.apple.com/finalcutstudio/action/button/?sr=hotnews

  5. Erectile disfunction? Hello? It's a movie.

  6. That's a bit of a stretch, Eric Roth's quote, 'innit? Everyone has parents, so everyone will like it? Mmmmh... what's wrong with that math?

  7. I agree, Ricky. Eric Roth's quote is most likely wishful thinking coupled with dramatic irony. What I do like this quote for, is that it does reveal something about the depth and broad appeal of the story: love, family, life and death -- could potentially appeal to everyone. I think that's what he meant.

  8. Please make this blog brighter or even white, it's hard to read this way.