Benjamin Button VFX Feature

What better way to start the happy new year, than an extensive look at the almost certainly Oscar winning visual effects work on "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button"? Even with the obvious wizardry that "must have been" going on with this film, you may be surprised just how great the accomplishments of this motion picture really are.

The amazing thing to me is that effects that are truly ground-breaking seem somewhat comprehensible by their process, while others that you think are common place in today's animation industry (e.g. "objects floating on still water") appear to be a total pain.

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Step by step this story details how the visual effects crew figured out the work-flow and technologies they needed to create Button's world, and how they solved some of their most daunting challenges.

The article has a lot of ground to cover. It chronicles the long-winding journey of digitally recreating David Fincher's vision: From making Brad Pitt into an eldery man, digital set extensions and full-cg sea battles to the more subtle rejuvenations -- Bill Desowitz of Animation World Network shows you how they did it.

Enjoy! Bringing Benjamin Button To Life


  1. Great article, thanks a lot!

    And a Happy New Year to all international Fincherfanatics that soon will enjoy the film in its full glory. And to the american Fincherfanactics - damn I envy you for having seen the film already!!

    All the best.

  2. I can't see serious competition for this for any technical award. But I don't think "Ben Button" will win best picture or best director at the oscars. At best, it's a solid film, but definitely not the best of 2008.