Newsflash For "Benjamin Button"

Marketing sure has been taking its time for "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button". But it seems now they are unleashing a whirlwind all at once: Over the last days one could stumble over making of books, story to screenplay books, the score album and first glances at official "Benjamin Button" artwork. And it all looks like this would sit really nicely under everyone's christmas tree!

Let's start out with the artwork, because that has been one long winding issue, with not even a teaser poster or anything of that sort. We still don't have a poster, but what we do have is an updated movie trailers site with at least Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett united by a "Benjamin Button" title. Very timeless, very classic. And the one thing I may never understand is why they use a different typography every time!?

Then bookwise it seems we're getting two real goodies: One is a 'making of the motion picture book', which should be jam packed with behind-the-scenes infos and visual effects trickery insights. And the other sounds excitingly interesting -- a 'story to screenplay' book written by Eric Roth. If this is what it sounds to be this may be one of the most exciting books at all accompanying this movie; if they did a really poor job however, this will "only" be the short story and the screenplay published in one book -- which would suck. I'll try to find out more on these publications in the next while.

And the last but not least item to add to your christmas wishlist is the "Benjamin Button" soundtrack, further confirming the artwork to be official, but strangely interpreted by "various artists" as opposed to Alexandre Desplat, who wrote the score. Making up for that, is it's a two-disc set with 46 tracks! To be released on December 23rd!

Thanks to Simon and Christophe for being on the lookout!
Here are all the links combined: Benjamin Button artwork The Making Of The Motion Picture Story To Screenplay
Concord Music: Benjamin Button soundtrack


  1. Isn't Desplat known for writing hours upon hours of music? Probably most of this is Desplat but there are some other songs on this that make it V.A.

  2. those would be a nice gift package.

  3. Wow... can't wait to order the books! I think the soundtrack mostly consists of tracks from Desplat, with a few pre-existing songs from other artists, hence the description.