Spot On Claudio Miranda

Not only if you are a director of photography in the making should this be an interesting read for you: Variety Magazine hosts a brief article on the cinematographer behind "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button", talking about his artistic approach, his work with directors and what to learn for filmmaking from an architect dad.

Claudio Miranda has worked with David Fincher as early as the mid 1980's, when he worked as a grip and lighting technician on Fincher's music videos. While shooting "The Game" the two met again, and Miranda shared with Fincher that he was aiming to become a cinematographer. And Fincher quickly gave him his first shot -- at shooting the Nike "Filmstrips" commercial!

In recent years, Miranda and Fincher have collaborated on the fantastic Xelibri "Beauty For Sale", the Heineken "Beer Run" and Nike "Gamebreakers" commercials, before then conquering the big screen with Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett.

Visit Miranda's website for a greater portfolio of his works. And -- thanks to Christophe -- of course go read that article! Claudio Miranda - Pushing Emotional Buttons

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