Critics See "Benjamin Button" At Number One

In next spring's Oscar race a few titles are running late that could cause quite a stir when it comes to Award's nominations: Summer's films have already proven their capacities and probabilities for Oscar grabs, The Dark Knight, Wall-E, and Burn After Reading namely. Then there are Frost/Nixon, Revolutionary Road and The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button still coming up. And "Button" is what some critics estimate to be the next Academy favorite!

This is, of course, all speculation, since it doesn't make much sense to pit movies one hasn't seen and that haven't had a chance to reveal themselves to the full audience against proven blockbusters and audience favorites such as Christopher Nolan's latest.

Likewise these Oscar predictions are just as debatable as they are ultimately meaningless. But in my opinion, and with having seen nothing more than the trailer, any buzz for "Benjamin Button" is already fully deserved by its incredible visual effects achievements, and can only help to reel in more viewers ... and hopefully garner David Fincher his first very much overdue Oscar!

Here's the story: Button At Number One

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  1. What do you think about Quantum of Solace as an Oscar contender? And what do you think about Marc Forster, the director?