For Your Consideration ...

Paramount has just launched its 2008 "For Your Consideration" site, and clearly "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button" stands out as a leading contender for the studio. If next year's Oscars were held at the Paramount lot, David Fincher would go up against one of his idols, Steven Spielberg, and another quite surprising nomination for 'Best Director': Ben Stiller!

In my very biased opinion "Benjamin Button" seems like the biggest Oscar-caliber 'Best Picture' out of this selection, further including "Indiana Jones", "Tropic Thunder", "Kung Fu Panda" and "Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa". And then for most of the other categories of course we will have to wait and see. 'Best Makeup' would be a rather obvious nod, 'Best Visual Effects' is one I would dare to bet my retirement-plan on (if I had one), then of course 'Cinematography', 'Editing' and 'Sound Design' are usually outstanding on Fincher's works, and I truly wish for David Fincher to pick up his overdue nomination for 'Best Director'.

For "Benjamin Button" Paramount hopes for 16 nominations overall, which makes it their highest ranking contender. Thursday, January 22nd 2009 is when the official nominations will be announced ... and by the time we will hopefully all have a better, more informed opinion on what good a shot the film has at any of the categories!

Have a look at the site, and share your opinion on the other films and nominations in the comments:

Paramount Pictures 2008: For Your Consideration


  1. INDIANA picture?? way!

  2. What about "Love Guru" for best picture? It has Justin Timberlake and Jessica Alba for best actor and best acrtess and was directed way better than anything Fincher would ever come close to.

    -- I am the real "anonymous".

  3. Kung Fu Panda - a nod for Best Animated Feature. The winner is Wall-E, a far superior film.

    Indiana - What? If it were a Razzie that would be ok. Well, maybe I'm pushing to hard but I don't think it deserves any nominations. 2008 offered a lot of films better than this one.

    Madagascar - Haven't seen it. Can't say.

    Tropic Thunder - Maybe the sound categories, editing and Robert Downey Jr. He was awesome.

    Button - I'm a fan. I'm all for it. Let it be nominated in all of them and win most.

  4. Paramount won't do so well. Indiana Jones was a let-down. Winners will be The Dark Knight, Revolutionary Road, Australia. Some independent / low budget flick will win best picture, as usual, probably Milk. Fincher gets snubbed. Again.

  5. Do you think Fincher even cares about Oscar nominations? Somehow I doubt it. I don't believe that he decided to undertake BB on the basis that it was going to be a love letter to the Academy voters. On one hand I'm sure he'd deliver a bang-up acceptance speech but on the other hand it'd be cool in a way if he wound up in the select, Oscar-less company of Kubrick where an artist is so far ahead of the perception curve that it takes years for people to catch up with it and realize that their work transcended the fluff that generally rakes in Oscar nominations by the bundle. Lately the rationales for how Oscars are doled seems to be based on industry politics anyways and recognition for the actual work has become incidental so if Fincher and BB get left out in the cold I won't be that downtrodden.