Finally A Review ...

... that plays to my expectations! Robert Abele of Variety had the pleasure to sit through David Fincher's upcoming death-spectacle, and came away in awe, as it seems. Like myself Abele sees "Benjamin Button" sweeping the Oscars, with nominations raining down on virtually all artistic and technical categories. Shall I say: Finally a review that reads as exciting as how much I want to see this film!

I do not quite believe the part, where Abele guesses the film to be "imagery wizard David Fincher's big-canvas play for mass acceptance", since this makes it sound too much like Fincher was trying very hard to please a larger audience, which I don't think is something he's overly concerned with -- while I sure hope the film will attain just that, an overwhelming audience response; make its money back and open all doors for future Fincher projects!

Other than that it's just another fix for you Fincher junkies. Thanks to Angelo and Christophe for the find! -- Here's the link:

Variety: The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button (Review)


  1. That's true, if theoretically BB prevailed in all of the top-shelf Oscar categories and grossed 250 million over the span of 5 months while clinging to the #1 spot at the box office much of that time...imagine the kind of doors it could open for his next project(s)! Rendezvous with Rama could suddenly be revived and Fincher could dictate the budgetary and story parameters in any way he saw fit.

  2. If a film proves succesful "box-office wise", allowing the ones involved to develop their personal (and probably dearest) projects is a sight to behold... Specially with David Fincher.