Benjamin Button Posters

The folks at Joblo now got a better look at the posters available for "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button". Have a look!

Very much so as in the banner we have spotted at apple, there is one poster for Brad Pitt and one for Cate Blanchett, with the Brad Pitt alias Benjamin Button one sporting some backwards writing as a reference to the plot. Funny stuff. But hopefully not the only posters for the film ...

How do you like these? Benjamin Button Posters


  1. If they're teaser posters (which I think they are), they're simple and beautiful. If they are final I think there is something missing. I sincerely think that soon enough we'll be swamped with new posters and promotional material.

  2. yeah those are probably teasers. real poster should pop up some three to four weeks before christmas.

  3. Nice. The Pitt portrait has that Polaroid look.
    I wonder if it fades "as time goes by".
    Could be a fun conceptual art piece.