It's Not A Love Story ...

Just ran into this ultra low-quality mp3 of a recent Q&A session with David Fincher, talking about "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button". The guy -- praise him for posting this -- must have recorded it with his cell phone. It truly does sound horrible. But it's just such an enjoyment to hear Fincher speak ...

David Fincher Q&A, "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button" [mp3]


  1. Doesn't sound so bad. Thanks for the finding.

  2. I was hanging on every word despite the poor quality. He truly is the type of person that could recite the phone book and leave his listeners enraptured.

    By the way, I hope I'm wrong on this, but a suspicion is building up in me that BB is going to polarize people upon being released, get snubbed by the Academy in the top categories, and come up short in the box office department. Which is not to say that it's not going to be a fantastic film and a vital addition to his filmography; just that, like some of his other stuff, it might not fly out of the gate in a mainstream-friendly manner and, ironically, might rely on time to become vindicated. Since the media people nowadays are so numbers obsessed they're going to viciously pounce all over all involved participants if the film doesn't shatter X-mas opening day records and suddenly Fincher will be chastised as a fiscally irresponsible control freak run amok. Again, I hope I'm wrong because a Fincher best director acceptance speech would probably be a high watermark for the history of the telecast.

  3. you might be right gerald, but i hope you're wrong.

    ps: the quality is not so bad. thanks for the finding fincherfanatic.

  4. I have a good feeling about this film. I'm not sure if it'll break attendance records, but I think it'll do well.

    I also think it'll get A LOT of Oscar nominations --- like 11 to 13. I'm not sure it'll win them all. I'm not sure if Fincher will win any. But it'll get lots of nods.

    Given it's late release date that'll help boost its box office as well.

    So if it has a big opening weekend and if those numbers are sustained through into its second week (given that it comes out during the Christmas holiday), then I think it'll do very well indeed.