Benjamin Button Graphic Novel

Couldn't quite believe my eyes: A graphic novel for "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button" is on sale at! The downside is: It has nothing to do with David Fincher's upcoming cinematic release... other than being based on the same short story.

Officially that doesn't qualify as merchandising. But anyway. For hardcore fans it might be fun to see, how other visual artists tackle Fitzgerald's original material, and what themes and story points they added to the source material compared to what Roth and Fincher will have come up with.

To be honest, I am far from ordering this. I don't much like its style. But if anyone feels like getting it and sharing their opinion here, I'm sure we would all appreciate that.

Just for fun. Have a look: The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button (Graphic Novel)


  1. Here is some more information from the illustrator's website:

  2. Full disclosure: I work for the company that published the graphic novel. I am a huge fan of Fincher and that's exactly why I commissioned this book -- I've been waiting for 18 months for Benjamin Button to release and I expect it will be fantastic. If you can't wait for Christmas and want a glimpse of the story's original source material, the graphic novel offers some very good insights (there's also a nice afterword from a scholar of American lit about the origins of Fitzgerald's story). My understanding is that the final film will be 99% different from the original story -- but still -- this was a rewarding project to work on, and the illustrations are fantastic. Obviously I'm a little biased, but I don't think anyone who gets the book will be disappointed.

  3. Full disclosure: I don't care. Welcome to cynical Hollywood, where nobody gives a shit until you hit it big. That's when people start kissing your ass and condemning you if you don't remember how good of a friend they were.