Best Choice Yet?

"Fight Club" and "Choke" author Chuck Palahniuk's works have been hot on sale recently, with many projects still lined up to get the Hollywood makeover. The most recent option just went out the belgian director Koen Mortier, who will tackle "Haunted" -- and whom Todd Brown of Twitch calls "the best choice yet" to take on a Palahniuk big-screen adaptation.

David Fincher's "Fight Club" being the masterpiece cult-classic ball-cruncher it is -- that is quite a statement! I personally think I have rarely ever seen a better coupling of material and director as "Fight Club" and David Fincher. But I'm a fanatic, so maybe that doesn't say too much. In Brown's opinion Fincher's films were "just a touch too slick for Palahniuk's particular world". Which makes me wonder: What do his other films have to do with his adaptation of "Fight Club"?

So now Koen Mortier is on for the job, with special attention directed to the trailer for his film "Ex Drummer".

I'll be interested to see what he does with the material and will be looking forward for the movie. But then the trailer for "Ex Drummer", which Brown recommends watching, might not be the perfect basis to decide whether he would make for a good director, let alone a better choice than anyone else. To sum it up -- and in my opinion -- the trailer looks shaky, cheap and european. Oh, and it tells no story whatsoever! Does that better suite the Palahniuk cosmos? Really?! (Which is not to mean "Ex Drummer" cannot be a hell of a film!)

The tagline for "Haunted" sounds like it could make for a really nice and entertaining flick. And after we've seen it, I am sure we can more properly assess Brown's judgement. So, let's wait and see what comes of this.

Anyone seen "Ex Drummer"?

Here's the link:
Twitch: Next Director To Tackle Palahniuk Best Choice Yet


  1. we'll watch it this weekend. leave my opinion here afterwards.

  2. Yeah, I do think he's the breast choice yet...

  3. I'm gonna start a blog called "The Works and Genius of Koen Mortier"! look out for it on