I Am Jack's Voicemail

Hilarious! Thanks Angelo for this CollegeHumor Original that really made my day. The clip is titled "If All Movies Had Cell Phones" -- with the very truthful tag-line: "your favorite films just got a lot shorter."

I found this to be so entertaining, since there is this annoying trend, especially in horror films and thrillers of the last decade, to find excuses why your protagonist is not simply making a phone call to get out of trouble. Yes, that's the downside of cell-phones. And the reason for countless superfluous, clumsy and unoriginal "damn, no reception"-moments.

Funny stuff, featuring "Forrest Gump", "Romeo and Juliet", "Blairwitch Project", "Home Alone" ... and saving the best for last -- one smooth "Fight Club" sketch (at 1:58)! -- Also, watch out for a sincerely laughably acted "got Google Maps" moment.

Thanks Angelo. Everyone, watch here:
CollegeHumor.com: If All Movies Had Cell Phones

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