Telluride Interview Videos

Just in case anyone missed these: You really shouldn't! First of all Fincher video interviews are rare. Second of all, as usual, Fincher has some great stuff to say!

"I don't want to have to cut a movie
around somebody's bad day."

... and that is just one of his wisdoms. Hear and see David Fincher talk about what made him want to become a director, his role in casting and the way he works.

Thanks to Simon and Christophe, who dug deep to bring these to you. Enjoy watching!

Telluride: Interview with David Fincher
Variety: Outdoor Panel Discussion with David Fincher


  1.'s coverage of Fincher at Telluride mentions that 'GQ' magazine had a writer covering his appearance at the festival as part of an upcoming 6,000 word major profile of the director, presumably to be published nearer BB's Christmas bow.

  2. I saw David Fincher eating dinner in West Hollywood with Cean Chaffin last night. He had the chicken. I think you will all love these news, as you're obviously obsessive about him.

  3. @ stalker

    Amazing! Thanks for this great, filmrelated and well-researched news-piece. Please tell us more: What was the chicken with or was it pure, which would speak to Fincher's purity in directing films. Did he have a beard and if so, what style? And what did he make Chaffin wear?

    Look. This site is called "fanatic", because it is. And internet's (still) a free place. Don't like it here? -- Don't come here.

    But thanks for your contribution!