Art Of The Title

David Fincher is a very accomplished director across all disciplines of his task, from chosing the right material and determing the right pacing, employing cinematography and editing in telling his stories, to sound-design and "directing" the score. If one would be adding one further thing to his great talents -- it's creating memorable and inspiring title-sequences!

Any one of David Fincher's films has a very unique title-sequences that not only perfectly set the stage and atmosphere for the movie. Many of his title sequences would set an example in innovative design and inspire legions of copycats.

Honoring these crafty and powerful works, of David Fincher and others, there is now a website with many, very high quality videos.

Thanks to Mikez for finding and sharing! Enjoy:

Alien3 - Title Sequence
Se7en - Title Sequence
The Game - Title Sequence
Fight Club - Title Sequence
Panic Room - Title Sequence


  1. Where the hell is ZODIAC? That's arguably the best title sequence!

  2. On the plane last month I was listening to my music when the movie "The Spiderwick Chronicles" came on, silently I watched as the title sequence rolled and I slowly realized I was watching "Se7en". Or, rather the opening sequence has way too many similarities to be coincidental. (The notebook wiring scenes, the handwriting) Anyone else seen that film and notice this, I would be curious to hear your opinion.