New Trailer For Benjamin Button

+++ UPDATED 2008/09/29 +++
It's finally here: A 2 minutes and 30 seconds long, full trailer for David Fincher's upcoming Christmas movie "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button". Where the teaser was already miraculous, full of atmosphere, magic and wonder, this trailer really gets me excited to see the story unfold.

I'm a bit late in sharing my enthusiasm with you. That of course is only because I was out of town. I love this trailer! It literally gives me the chills, even when I have already watched it half a dozen times. I feel it creates this great expectation of a touching, playful and magical film, while being about a light and dark, an ever simply so human, so real, so tragic, so plain subject matter as life and death.

What's fantastic about this trailer in my opinion, is that you do not marvel away at the brilliance of the visual effects -- even though what you see is absolutely groundbreaking! It's a movie pioneering digitally replaced actors (if you will), and a new kind of facial motion capturing. But despite of the sensationalism that would be deserved for a movie like this, in the trailer all of what I see is a grand and compelling, a highly original story -- but of universal appeal.

"Life can only be understood backward.
It must be lived forward."

This trailer says: "Brace yourselves for an epic, compelling, emotional, earthshaking drama." And I am all for that! Especially if it's done my a directorial genius like David Fincher.

The trailer -- which I assume you all have seen by now -- has hit the web toward the end of last week. Around the same time (as I have heard) as a full trailer for "Benjamin Button" was set to start playing in theaters, before "Eagle Eye". Thanks to everyone sending links and reporting it.

Enjoy it here: The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button


  1. "He looks just like my Ex-husband" is absolutely hilarious.
    This is going to be a classic.

  2. watched.


    and watched again.

  3. such an emotional trailer....waiting for the film with baited breath!

  4. Let's all go see it 10 times, to help reach its budget.

  5. i prefer the first trailer which shoed less and without words.

    this one isn't even a trailer, it resume all the film, and spoil many things.

    it's a pity.

  6. hi guys !
    i ll be in thailand in december and B.B (benji') will come out the 19th.. of the month
    ooh yes can t wait !

    the trailer is good !
    let me change this ..
    the trailer is Soo GOOD!
    ooh hey !

  7. This movie will be a classic. No doubt about it.

  8. The trailer looks truly incredible. Just watch it again and pay close attention to the richness of the music. It's magic, then it's happy, then it's adventurous, then it's suddenly sad and serious ... Wow! And all of this is very subtle. I agree, I don't think about the vfx when I watch this, even though they are exciting. And also there are many classic moments in this. My favorite line "Some things last." It's so Christmas, if you know what I mean.

  9. WOW. Fantastic

    Watched it a million times already.