Fincher Interviewed By A Scotsman

No, slash that: Interviewed By THE Scotsman! Excuse this tangent, but did you know one can actually be named "Alistair Harkness"!? Sounds like some galatic dark prince, wearing furry animals as head-dress. Something of that sort. But anyway, His Highness Harkness has taken it upon himself to interview David Fincher for the much belated release of the "Zodiac" Director's Cut there. And what he created is a nice, brief and very worthwhile portrait of our favorite director!

Producer Art Linson describes David Fincher as "someone whose ambition is to maul and excite."

Really nothing more to say. Hope you enjoy this. And I guess you agree: About time for a thunderstorm of Button news to be unleashed!

The Scotsman: Interview with Fight Club director David Fincher


  1. nice. thankx for the weekly fix.

  2. It's interesting how many people try to place him in a niche. With every new project he takes on, you hear "this is Fincher's style" or "this is not typical for Fincher". I believe more and more that Fincher is really a universal director, who just tries to make good movies and develops many projects behind the scenes, and then it's more a matter of circumstances, which project moves forward and makes it to the big screen.

    Way back when Panic Room came out, many review sounded like David Fincher should stick to controversial, subversive flicks like Fight Club and wasn't "allowed" to do straight forward thrillers any more.

    In some interview that was posted here recently Fincher mentioned that after Seven he just wasn't offered that many comedies.

    Zodiac was a great movie and it definitely had a different stroke than say Fight Club or Seven did. So now his statement about how Benjamin Button is different (and maybe more romantic, epic, and so forth) is very exciting. Because the more diverse his movies become, the more genres he will be offered. And depending on how successful Benjamin Button will run, the more likely people (and studios!) will be to accept Fincher to direct any kind and genre of film.

  3. Thanks for the article, first time reader of your site, huge Fincher fanatic.

    I must comment on Zodiac, a film that left me cold. It is a film revered by many, and a link to his transition. My problem with that film was not one of design, but of execution. For a movie with no dramatic resolution, the lenght was not warranted. The momentum was not there.

    That he refused to cut Zodiac down to a more manageable lenght indicates his stubborness to make the film play out better. I've heard reports that he's going through a fight with Paramount / Warners over the same issue with BB, and that his final cut was waved at 2 1/2 hours. This is insubstantiated so I can't prove it.

    Regardless, BB looks to be masterpiece and I expect nothing less from Fincher. But Zodiac, man that was a stinker.

  4. Zodiac was not a stinker. It should have been cut down a little but it wasnt a bad movie. It was one of the best reviewed films of last year. It should have got some kind of Oscar nomination. But instead it was beat out by Juno which was a alright movie,not Oscar caliber.