NYTimes On "Benjamin Button"

Direct all the cheers and thanks you are capable of to Bernard for one great find: A very detailed and informative New York Times article on this year's Oscar race and a look at the lengthy development process for "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button".

What makes this a great and worthwhile read is that it's some politics, some theme, some development process insight all brought together, surrounding our favorite director's latest efforts. And there is really a bunch of tidbits that I haven't read anywhere else. Such as the trailers ingenius lines "Life can only be understood backward, ..." are not derived from Mr. Fitzergerald's short story nor Eric Roth's screenplay, but were rather inspired by a danish philosopher by the name of Soren Kierkegaard.

There is also a great summing up of the almost two decades long development process the screennplay and film were going through, and it's an interesting look at this falls award bait and studios' strategies for that.

Thanks a lot, Bernard!
NYTimes.com: Paramount Steps Up to Contest for Oscars

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