New Nike Commercial Underway!

So that's what Fincher is up to: Users on a message-board for the digital camera system RED started discussing a commercial shooting underway -- with Director of Photography Emmanuel Lubezki and helmed by David Fincher!

You can register at this forum for free and even get to enjoy a few snapshots of the shoot; which makes it look like it will be a NIKE Football spot. So there is not too much info out yet, but one of the guys seems to have been there, working on the shoot; and he lays out a few observations.

Great! Looking forward to another Fincher Nike spot. And the even greater thing is: Commercials tend to not take as long to finish up as feature films do ... So get ready for seeing this rather soon!

Thanks Eric for the link:
RedUser Forum: Fincher, Lubezki, Nike


  1. RED.




    nuff said.

  2. I remember when the producers for Alien 3 said that Fincher was "just a shoe salesman", referring to his famous nike adverts, and him being upset about that. I guess he doesn't mind making commercials anymore. Does he still need to do commercials? I heard he earned 3 Million for Fight Club, 8 Million for Panic Room and about the same for Zodiac. So why still make commercials?

  3. @ David

    As far as I can tell from Finchers forays into commercials-world they are mostly experiments to try new techniques, new cinematographers or sometimes maybe just some visual ideas that are easier to incorporate in a flashy commercial than they would be in a movie that demands a very strict and consistent visual style.

    But on another note: Do you remember where you heard / read about the salary Fincher received for his films? That would be interesting. Thanks!

  4. That's just industry gossip. But with A-list directors it's often the case that they get about 10% of the production budget.

  5. Oh and he voluntarily cut back his salary for Fight Club so they could finish the CGI intro through the brain and some other stuff that fell out of the budget.