Benjamin Button Testscreening

+++ UPDATED 08/13/2008 +++
Thanks to Thiago we have yet another review of the TCCOBB test-screening to devour. It is somewhat critical about the movie and sees some potential for Fincher and his crew to still tighten the film up until Christmas time. I'm sure they will!

The first review(s) of David Fincher's upcoming "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" hit the web after a test-screening on the Paramount lot earlier this week. One member of the audience bothered to put his thoughts into words ... and they surely do fire up expectations!

The review is brief and "mostly spoiler free", it mentions the outstanding visual effects and praises the performances.

So, not to make this post longer than the source:
I'm just so fired up to see this! -- Enjoy, everyone! First Review of "Benjamin Button" David Fincher's "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"


  1. Pah! Pah I say.

  2. ...


    the joblo guy lives in new jersey.

    i live in brazil.

    everybody we'll get to see it this christmas. i'll have to wait til january.

  3. Me like Benjamin Button.

  4. Me like Benjamin Button.

  5. I'm gonna be an asshole and say I don't trust the second review.

    I don't want to sound like I am prejudging CCOBB but I've said it once and I'll say it again. I don't trust anyone who compares Fincher to Tim Burton.

    I know I have not seen CCOBB yet but Tim Button and David Fincher are different animals. They do not sleep under the same sky.

    I've always referred to Tim Butorn as a magician who like to show his hand.

    Most people categorize Burton's films as Magical Realist and I would rather call his films "Magical Magic" films.

    His films don't leave you with the impression that you've just witness some sort of extraordinary happening with in the confines of the ordinary world.

    For instnaces; when Ichabod Crane reaches the gates of Sleepy Hollow do you believe that town to be a real town or is the town already a dream. Are Ichabod Crane's POV shots of a regular town that might be hiding something terrible but something extraordinary?

    Or is the town extraordinary all on it's own. Sleepy Hollow is about an extraordinary event that happens in an extraordinary town and as a matter of fact Icahbod is pretty extraordinary too. He dissects people and possesses his own brand of magic.

    But apart form this Burton's films have always felt consciously painterly. Sets feel like sets, costumes feel like costumes. Blood looks like paint (Because it is paint)

    All that said the second reason I don't trust people who compare it to Tim Burton is that people have this bizarre notion that Tim Burton Invented Magical Realism. So anything Magical Realist is said to be Burtonesque.

    Once the review said Button had Burton moments, I kinda shut off.

    I don't think Sleep hollow or Beatlejuice have anything in common with Forest Gump and Forest Gump is a more earnest attempt to be Magical realist than Any Tim Burton film.

    And for the record anyone here wanting to see a truly beautiful Magical Realist film.

    Seek out "Last Life in the Universe"

    Oh and I don't mean this to sound like a diss on Burton but I just don't think Tim Burton is as interested in the "real" as much as he is in the "magical" elements of cinema.

    After watching Fincher's films with transfixed eyes for several years now, it a safe bet to say he's a little more concered with "real" than he is with the magical" asspects of cinema.

    I mean Fight Club is actually Fincher's Idea of a Fantasy. I mean look at what Jack dreams about? He dreams about the guns, the bombs, the ticking and all of it as to do with a girl name Marla Singer.

  6. beautifully put kevin.

    i agree with you on every level.

    stop the burton / fincher comparisons.