"The Goon" Teaser Poster

It looks like "The Goon" maybe moving forward a lot quicker than any other project on the scheduled David Fincher pile: Matt has spotted a first teaser poster for the film. And it says, "coming soon to a theater near you".

The material was released at this year's Comic Con and appears to follow the original series very closely -- which means (and looks like), the narrated cosmos will be somewhat like Hellboy. Interestingly IMBDpro has not yet listed a director for the project, so who knows:

If we get really lucky now-producing Fincher will get an itch and hop into the directing chair?

This obsessedwithfilm article is where I found the photo:
The Goon Movie Poster


  1. i have read the comics by curiosiosity, and i was very disapointed.
    I really hope that David won't directed this adaptation.
    the subject is too cliché (zombie,...)

  2. The poster looks great! But might it be that it's fanmade?

  3. @ brent

    the poster is actually derived from a photo someone shot of a large display at the ComicCon (I just straightened the photo to look orthogonal).
    So by that it would not be fanmade. The question is, how much does this have to do with the artwork for the CGI animated picture. It might just have been taken from original artwork of the comic book series ...

  4. well... i like my share of yearly zombie material. they are going to come, whether we want it or not, so...

    in my humble opinion, i'd very much like to see this made by fincher himself. if there is someone who can put fun and suspense together and make it work, he's the man (take fight club for example).

    can't wait.

  5. A Goon film dosent sound to good!!!

  6. I am certain that Fincher is not interested in directing such a weak material.

  7. i totally agree with Pter, Fincher can't be attracted by this poor story.