Can't Wait To See Ben Button, Can You?

David Fincher's upcoming romantic epic "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button" made it on yet another list. This time it's not for the Oscars, it's for the "20 Fall Movie We Can't Wait To See". And while it seems there actually is quite a lot to look out for this season, the best about this list is, it has another previously unreleased picture moment from the movie!

In the photo gallery (which is really what it is) "Benjamin Button" is sandwiched amongst some true highlights such as BURN AFTER READING, blockbusters a là QUANTUM OF SOLACE and a handful of movies I actually didn't know I couldn't wait to see ...

Anyway, autumn will get hot with all these lined up. And I really wish Fincher's film will make all others look bad ...

Thanks to Thiago for the find! Here's the link:

Entertainment Weekly: 20 Fall Movies We Can't Wait To See
The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button (18/21)

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