Benjamin Button Olympics TV Trailer

Oh-my-gawd! This film keeps getting better with any frame you see of it: Paramount and Warner Brothers have now released a special TV-spot of David Fincher's upcoming "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" for the Olympics ... and it's such a stunner, I can barely put it into words.

From its only 60 seconds running time you can already gather that there will be some really sweet, romantic and heart-warming moments (especially between Henson, Blanchett and Pitt) -- which I dare say we are not yet used to in Fincher films.

Knowing that Fincher will deliver nothing short of a perfect picture yet again, all I have left to hope is that Christmas will come around a little sooner this year!

Thanks to busy Thiago for digging it up!!!

Here's the original link: Benjamin Button Trailer


  1. This looks spectacular!! Thanks Thiago!!

  2. i m just crying and laughing at the same time ..
    daam ! that shit looks so good!

    just can t wait

  3. do you guys know it's not fincher alone who makes this movie? he has many, many collaborators with tremendous creative input that isn't originally from fincher. even he speaks of "WE tried to..." in interviews. grow up, people. it's not just one genius who does it all. as he himself stated: directors are like quarterbacks. they get far too much credit if the result is good, and far too much blame if isn't.

  4. @ anonymous

    I agree with you, in that director get way to much credit over, let's say, screenwriters, directors of photography, editors, sound-designers, costume, make-up, art directors, even the grip crew, the swing-gangs and the PAs.

    But what exactly is your point?

    I don't think anyone on this blog has ever been disrespectful towards any of Fincher collaborators or pretended that Fincher is an otherwordly wizard, making epic films all on his own.

    In my opinion David Fincher (as other directors are on their films) is still the mastermind behind all the decision-making, steering the film on its course from at least pre-production until the final cut, sometimes as early as development, and making the CHOICES out of all the creative input that is offered.

    I believe that exactly is his great talent: Making those choses. Because grant any other director the exact same team and budget -- you would still end up with a very much different picture.

    So in closing, I disagree that it has anything to do with "growing up". I believe that many of the people who come here either work in the industry themselves or at least have an understanding of the collective effort that is being put forward in filmmaking. If anyone wants to start a blog about editors, lighting crews and drivers no one would ever stand in their way. I, personally, have favored to make a blog on "David Fincher", because I believe that throughout the entirety of his films there is a unique talent and personality revealed. One that I find very admirable and inspiring.

  5. @ anonymous

    Movies are collaborative efforts that require the work of many individuals, we all know it.

    That is why I love Fincher movies, he always chooses the best crew that helps him achieve all HIS goals.

  6. anonymous

    I don't think you understand directing at all, not one bit.

    Listen to the commentary track on "The Game" special edition. Fincher explains it most succinctly.

    Filmmaking is storytelling. The director is the storyteller all the people around him including the actors are helping-him tell that story but none of them are telling the story apart from the director.

    Fincher is very aware of the responsiblity he has when he is making a picture. He will never blame other people for making shitty creative decisions and he never shy away from giving full to credit to his collaborators.

    But a producer once said. Fincher is the only director I know who can describe a scene to you two years before we shoot it and when you see the final movie that is exactly what he has shot.

    Fincher does control his pictures in a way few directors can.

    What is great about this is that Fincher has a very astute knowledge of storytelling. He truly understands the medium.

  7. @ mikez
    always a pleasure sharing these spectacular images with people i know will appreciate it. thanks for the thoughts.

    @ fincherfanatic
    i have to say you are the best person for the job of keeping this blog alive. your description of why you chose to put this up is inspiring. keep up the good work mate.

    @ kevin
    man, you surprise me every time. i've read a lot of insightful comments on your part, regarding fincher's work and filmmaking in general. i don't mean to intrude, but i'm pretty sure you are a "cinematic mind" (director? writer? editor? producer?) and i'm pretty sure you are good at what you do. your knowledge of films humbles me in the best possible way. you've got yourself a fan.

    take care everyone.

    all the best, T.

  8. That is very kind of you Thiago, very, very kind.