Fight Club - Kinetic Typography

Just a little something I found on youtube: Two exquisite "FIGHT CLUB" tributes in kinetic typography.

My greek isn't all that, but everyone should be able to guess that "kinetic typography" means something of the sort of 'moved or animated typography'. And I for one am a great fan of that. If it's done right, that is!

I have no idea how to do these! Looks like someone spent a few weeks in the basement cranking this all out in After Effects. But if any one of you guys knows how to make this type of animation and which programs to use, please fill us in.

CHEMICAL BURN by gordoteins

Apart from the fact that the dialogue between Pitt and Norton is genius on its own in that scene, I really love the way the words come to life here. Excellent stuff!


This also features some clever animation ideas. And of course: That scene is just cult. "If this is your first night, you have to fight!"

I love it! Do you?


  1. That looks great. If anyone finds some tutorial I will be very grateful.

  2. not sure, but it's probably after effects.

    the one they did for pulp fiction still stands out as one of the best.

    if you have the chance, check it out.

  3. Hey... My name is Sebastian Jaramillo... I designed the first video in this post (chemical burn).... and yes you are right! it was done in After Effects. This is a very fun exercise to make... takes some time but is definitely worth it.

    I'm currently working on a second video for the movie SUPERBAD.... it would be superfunny!... check it out:

  4. Nice job, Sebastian! Keep it up! How long did you work on it?

  5. If anybody is looking for a tutorial demonstrating how to create such cool videos here is a link: